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Payment service that helps automate transaction fees.


May 11th, 2017

I would love to hear what payment services that some of you are using.

We want to implement a transaction fee based on % per transaction.

Step: 1: A pays B though us. 2:The money comes first to us, where we hold it untill B has done it's job. 3:When we can confirm that the job is done, we confirm and then the payment goes through but x% stays to us as a transaction fee. If we decline 100% goes back to A.

Kind of a payment as Airbnb and Uber are using.

I have talked to big services as paypal and some smaller ones but can not find one that helps us out with this.

Any tips? Or do we have to built it ourselfs and just implement a payment service where they pay, we take the money and then manually do it?

Alexis Tamayo I love Challenges

May 11th, 2017


James Abel Software/Hardware Engineer

May 11th, 2017

https://www.escrow.com/ ?

Jothi Kumar Bio

May 11th, 2017

Its called escrow, and online services for this are available for over a decade now. Look up online for escrow online service we will see many of them available.

Chris McKay Founder and CEO at deFacto Software

May 12th, 2017

Have you looked at Braintree Marketplace? It's a Paypal subsidiary (https://www.braintreepayments.com) so I don't know why Paypal wouldn't have told you about them?

Alicia Ismach Experienced Entrepreneur, Executive & Fintech Expert, Startups Mentor, Dreamer

May 12th, 2017

Is not escrow, is payment facilitation. Our platform it as well as the automation of the end to end processing from pay in to payout with completely flexible rules on every aspect of the transaction lifecycle.


May 13th, 2017

Have you considered a managed account with Stripe? The payments are received into your account and you decide how it's distributed to the service provider - Stripe also include a transaction fee element and refunds as well