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Peoplesearch/Public Records API Recommendation?

Jason Gorham Corporate Executive Recruiter at Aflac

October 23rd, 2015

I'm looking for a public records/peoplesearch api that I can cross reference similar to spokeo.  I'm looking for updated contact information, so I don't need criminal, credit etc....Lexis Nexis I think is going to be to expensive as the amount of data we are cross referencing.

Thanks for your help in advance.    


October 23rd, 2015

Can you email me at I can send you information. 

Chinmay Patel Founder & CEO @ API Garage

October 23rd, 2015

Have you considered using FullContact ? I have used it in the past, and it's pretty handy. 

Priyank Singh Cofounder at Stilt Inc.

October 23rd, 2015 it might help, you can try their free stuff first to make sure accuracy. 

In my experience they are good to collect public data but accuracy might be low.

Henry Chou Product & Marketing Leader

October 23rd, 2015

Hi Jason
I am assuming that you are looking for phone and address type info.  If so, I would take a look at  I used to work there a number of years back and at the time had some of the best data on the market.

Some others you might want to check out are Inflection: and PeopleFinders:

Happy to chat more if you DM me

Richard Harris Top 25 Inside Sales Leader, Public Speaker, 40 Most Inspiring Leader, Sales Trainer, Start-Up Advisor, SalesHacker

October 23rd, 2015

Hey Jason,

Specifically what are you looking for and for what reason?  Too many choices and too many bad ones as well. 

Do you need, title, roles, startups, fortune 500, specific verticals?

Have a few in mind but it kinda depneds on what you really need

A. Andrew Chyne

November 5th, 2015

Jason, free data are not reliable. It can be a waste of your time in collecting and reaching out to them. Go for a paid service for a period of two or three months, so that your efforts won't be in vain. It is worth spending time in getting the right data rather than going for some data that doesn't exist. 

LinkedIn and Quora are the best sources if you can reach out to people of your interest.