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Percent of time spent developing internal tools?

Uzair Usman Partner at Usman Group | Independent Business Consultant

December 12th, 2016

An issue I am facing at work at the moment is determining how much of my time I should spend developing internal tools (automation etc) that allow me to be more efficient in my job versus developing client-facing software.

How do you make a determination of how much investment you should make in this area? I need to keep value flowing to the customers in the short term but obviously internal tools allow me to do this better in the long term.

Gabor Nagy Founder / Chief architect at Skyline Robotics

December 12th, 2016

I have a robotics startup and I have my own 3D design / CAD / rendering / animation software (EQUINOX-3D).
When you need a software feature fast, so your design is not held back, there's nothing like having in-house developed software and expertese.
We can add the needed feature right away, instead of begging some outside software vendor, for months.
We can also create specialized tools / plugins for the software that would not be worth the effort for a large software vendor (for one startup).
Another added bonus is that our software may become another product that we can monetize...

Kristin Luck Growth Strategist / Advisor

December 14th, 2016

Generally internal efficiency tools can be bought off the shelf/licensed to get you through early stage/short term so you can focus on developing client facing software that you'll actually be able to monetize.