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Justen Finch

Owner, Product Data Reporting at Cleu Inc.

I developed a website with a great concept that never got off the ground because I was funding it 100% and wasn't able to give it the money needed to succeed.  I tried using open source to cut down on the expense and it ended up costing me much more in the long run and had no money left over for marketing.  I took it down last October since it was not working as well as it should.

I would like to pitch it to Angels and VCs to help give it a chance for success.  It is a great concept that resonates well with people and my business plan has been very solid.

At this point, I don't have a working prototype since it took so much money to build this site and it was not something that could have been used successfully.  Again, I bootstrapped this completely.

My question:  Do I need a viable prototype or working product to be taken seriously by investors or is it possible to secure funding based on concept and business plan?