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Noah Glass just guest posted for FounderDating's FounderTalk series about falling in love with the consumer market and then having to  pivot away from it.  It's an honest account about how difficult that was and how he cam to terms with the decision.  
Here's a quick excerpt: "What followed was a soul-searching period in my life as a young entrepreneur. I knew that the numbers were not on my side, but did I really want to spend my time working on a non-consumer startup? That wasn’t why I’d gotten into entrepreneurship in the first place. I wanted to create consumer-facing products to make consumers’ lives better. I didn’t want to have to compromise with other companies’ brand guidelines and other exogenous limitations. I shuttered to imagine my company being categorized as just another supplier/vendor/service provider." Read on

Has anyone else had to pivot away from their original userbase? How did you make that decision?