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Parminder Singh Software Architect

November 20th, 2013

Folks, We're ready with our MVP and want to start promoting it. Can someone suggest PR agencies or contacts around the NY area?

Eric Rogness Technical Product Manager

November 20th, 2013

There are PR frims, and there are PR firms that really get startups and orient themselves accordingly. You'll find less focus on retainers, and more engaging on a very light touch role, with more a focus enabling the founders to showcase themselves as opposed to replacing them. You should hit up Lyndon at Think Differently. They're expanding to New York, and their services are affordable and perfectly oriented to startups., (647) 773-2677

(647) 297-7126

Michael Barnathan Adaptable, efficient, and motivated

November 20th, 2013

It depends on what you're looking for, and your segment. Is your goal consumer acquisition, promoting the business to investors, shopping it B2B?

I've had a very good experience with FusionPR (

(We got on TechCrunch on our launch day due to Fusion's outreach, and were acquired a month later by one of our data providers - they initially noticed the spike in traffic due to the article breaking. This in turn spawned another TechCrunch article, which secured a lot of deals for the acquiring company. YMMV.)

Don Daglow 3-Time Inc. 500 CEO, Technical Emmy® Award, International Speaker, Advisor at Founders Space accelerator

November 20th, 2013

I'd recommend Zebra Partners ( for startups in the software space and for consumer hardware.  Perrin Kaplan has been in the industry for many years and worked with many startups as well as holding a top executive role with a major Asian manufacturer.  Her connections in both PR and in other spokes of the industry are valuable and I've also turned to her for strategic feedback apart from PR.

They are not HQ'd in new York but she and her team routinely do work there.

Hope this helps!

Samir Patel Managed $1B+ in Ad Spend | Pioneer in bringing Big Data & Data Science to Marketing | Cornell MBA

November 20th, 2013

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Logan Lenz Online Innovator, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Investor

November 20th, 2013