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Pricing of Mobile app,website and Marketing


Last updated on June 6th, 2017

I have a great idea in mind , might be . But as always execution is the best so i am hiring a developer from India to build a website,ios app and andriod app in $3000 approx . Is the pricing good? . They promised a world class quality.

Also i would like to you guys to estimate the marketing budget with respect to the following description of app.

1) Its help communicate business and clients.

2)This feature is a very attractive feature,so won't be needing extreme advertisement.

How can i market so that i can attract more users and investors at the same time.

Thank you.

Will be waiting for your suggestions.

Pablo Olivera Brizzio Senior Innovation Manager and Disruptive Serial Inventor

Last updated on June 6th, 2017

Well, I'm sorry to say you will never end up paying $ 3000. In my experience, they will tell you things like: you didnt tell us about this button, so we need to re-build the entire UX/UI design or this field was not mentioned so we need to re-design the database....etc,etc,etc.

So when you reach $6000 and the app looks like a patched piece of sh$%T, you will be so frustrated you will give up and curse those developers.

STOP: enough of bad vibe, here is some advise:

My best advise, make a small module of your app, something that will cost 500$ and that can finish in 1 month. This will help to:

1- see how they understand your design

2- see how they manage timelines

3- see quality of work

4- see how they handle feedback and pressure

If at the end it works , give them another module and iterate accordingly, negotiate the price of the next module because you will give them many.

If it doesny work, you lost $500 in cash and won 10,000 in experience.

Good Luck!

Cassi Kjun Jiyong App promotion, app install, review and rating provider.

Last updated on November 28th, 2018

You should attract users firstly, then the inventors will contact you, initiative.

Before you start to promote your app, you should optimize the following methods to increase the download rates:

  • Create an Eye-caching App Icon - A better icon can increase your downloads up to 560%.
  • App title - Make sure your app title unique and attractive.
  • Description - Make sure to highlight your app features and advantages in the first 3 lines.
  • Using Enticing Screenshots - Screenshots related to your app that highlight your most popular and needed features will immediately encourage downloads.
  • Get positive reviews - 95% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app, and most people prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews.
  • Get 4/5-star ratings - 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps.

about promoting app, one of the best way is boosting app ranking on the app stores, because over 65% users discover new apps by browsing and searching on the app stores, and most of them just browsing the top 10 apps. Getting app installs can boost app ranking in hours, highly recommend.

Apply for Awards is also a good way to promote app - Participating in app awards is the most recommended channel and I would highly suggest you take advantage of it. It can give you tons of press, exposure, reviews and plenty of downloads.These are many famous app awards sites, such as Appy Awards, Best App Ever Awards, AppCircus competition, Apple Design Awards, etc.

Hope these methods are useful to you.

Nishant Shah Product Consultant | Technology Mentor | Mobile, Web, AI, Blockchain expert

June 6th, 2017

Not sure what exactly the product is but 3000 for world class website, iPhone and Android app looks little tricky :(

Christoph Ranaweera validate early, pivot and kill fast instead of feeding a zombie

June 6th, 2017

The pricing quotation for the app sounds rather cheap. Everybody will always say they offer world class quality. In the end it depends on the complexity of the app, probably they use a framework to build all the at the same time - that is actually rather good than bad for speed and maintanance.

but without details on the app a 3k quota might be high or low.

Ken Vermeille Founder

June 6th, 2017

If your website is a one page website with minimal text, a mediocre design, and a basic format, then yes, you can get a "world class" website for 3k. However I doubt that you will get the results that you are looking for.

Anytime anyone promises you the world for a low price, they are almost always lying to you. The reason why you're posting to this forum is because you already sense that this is too good to be true. Trust your gut. You'd be better off hiring someone who is local.

When it comes to your app idea, it sounds very vague and most likely it has been done before. It may seem attractive to you, however have you validated this idea with real customers? Do you have a list of customers who are willing to buy today? If not you may need to do that before actually building this thing. Also, when it comes to advertising, even SnapChat had to advertise, and theyre the fastest growing social network.

Greg Bessoni serial entrepeneur looking to network

June 6th, 2017

Throwing away 3k is all you're doing, I'd suggest investing that money into AMZN - if you email your idea I can give you a better idea of what it would cost from design, development and marketing/sales. greg@parkingaccess.com

Muhammad imran Hardwork , work hard , hard work :) failure failure failure then SUCCESS , its life phylosophy

June 6th, 2017

depends on your requirements and functionality of your app ,

Umar Alli Lead programmer / CEO at shoplit

June 6th, 2017

Hi to be honest with you, you don't need an indian. I have outsourced lot of projects to indians in the past. Dont get me wrong,they are good but ui/ux wise? They are really poor in this aspect.

So my advice? Get a ui/ux designer to design then you can outsource to the indians to implenent.

Yiannis Ioannou

June 6th, 2017


For $3,000 world class quality, it's sound to good to be true, please sent their info so next project I build with them

These 3 should cost minimum $8-10,000 even with indian developers, I work with them and I know.

What the feature exactly so I can tell you marketing ideas,

Sent me on ioa.yiannis@gmail.com to discuss further.

Kind Regards

Yiannis Ioannou

Robert Brissett I make people, communities, and orgs better

June 6th, 2017

I don't know what the app does. But 3k for a website and mobile app is problematic. I had an idea and pursued the cheap labor route and ended up paying much more in the long run.