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Katie McCann

Product & Engineering executive, startup advisor, angel investor

I'm working on a proof of concept for an e-commerce play that involves some custom-printed material in the packaging (think an insert with a custom graphic printout and gift message). 

Since I'm in the proof of concept stage, a manual printing process is totally acceptable (meaning I'm planning to print at home on a laser printer). 

I've got my template currently designed in Sketch 3. For each order, I'll need to customize a few aspects of the insert (graphic + some of the text). I'd be fine making the customizations directly in Sketch (though it's not ideal, as I'd have to import a new image for each order and it'd be a little tedious), but printing directly out of Sketch doesn't work properly (can't auto-duplex, plus it shrinks the image and screws with my paper layout). 

I don't have much of a background in printing/fulfillment so I'm hoping there are some folks here who have experience with custom printing and can provide some guidance. Essentially what I'd love is some printing software that allows me to create the template + specify the customizations for each printout in a relatively easy manner - it's essentially like a mail merge functionality that I need, but including graphics/text (plus, obviously, good controls over print settings/margins/etc).

Appreciate any advice.