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Pros and Cons on having remote partner for a B2B Lead Generation Agency

Krislyn Gundaya B2B Lead Generalist | CEO of RippedBox Station

April 23rd, 2018

I need some advice on this. I am a founder/CEO/Marketing Director of my small size agency located in the Philippines. We're in this business for two years now and I have clients in the US, UK and EU the thing is I wanted to grow my client base with the help of a partner located in these countries. With this, I can exponentially increase the existing package rates and have someone from that country to speak and meet with the lead.

I am not so sure about this, I am newbie in regards to building a business. Can someone give me a very honest reply here? Thank you so much.

Curt Sahakian Attorney

April 23rd, 2018

I would talk to these guys. They are already helping another company do the same thing. They can probably help you as well.

Steve Owens

April 23rd, 2018

Not enough information to know if this would be the right strategy for you; regardless, start out very slowly and try it before committing to anything big.

I lot will depend on finding the right person firm - chose very carefully.

chandrashekhar singh cofounder & CEO at CURETIP ( healthcare solution for Doctors by helping them digitizing & workflow

April 23rd, 2018

In business to grow choosing the right partner is one of the most important factor. with limited information can only say ,start small with new partner which will help in understanding the other one.and then a decision can be taken whether you should go further in full scale or not.


April 24th, 2018

When done correctly, partnerships can have a huge and positive impact on your company’s success by allowing you to increase value to your customers, increase market share, and increase wallet size. However, when done poorly, they can also destroy a business.
Here are a few steps you can look to do:

  • The first step is to make sure that there is truly a synergistic, win-win relationship between the products and services your business offers and what the partner’s business offers. The goal is to find a way to combine your services for even greater value to those customers.
  • Once you have determined who would be a good fit, the next step, which is possibly the most critical, is determining if you would have a good “values fit” with that company.
  • Once you have established that you have an absolutely superb fit with the core values of your companies, the next step is to discuss and write down extremely clear expectations for what the partnership will entail. Shared values, transparency, and clear expectations are the hallmark of lasting business partnerships that serve as successful business growth strategies.
  • Lastly, it is important that you keep the lines of communication open between your organizations by scheduling regular meetings to check on progress, review issues, and revisit your partnership agreement.

Ian Walton Director, Sales Velocity Ltd., Tech Sales Consultant, 25 years front line sales experience.

April 27th, 2018

Hi Krislyn, how about finding a couple of independent sales people in each location and paying them commission for new business? Another option might be to try and find a 'reseller' of your services e.g. a marketing agency that would benefit from adding your B2B Lead Gen services to offer a more complete package to their clients.