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Prototype Before Business Plan?


June 9th, 2020

Hello all. I have a very functional prototype of my web application online (albeit behind a Coming Soon page)... and I have very strong ideas on how it could be used and in what markets.

I have a C-Corp in Good Standing, even though I am the sole owner and employee. I'm VERY technical and I have some use-case ideas, but my weak areas are UI/UX and Business/Strategy. Which means I don't have a good UIX/UX on the website, nor do I have a Business Plan yet.

What do you guys suggest my next step should be?



June 10th, 2020

Create a business plan. That's the roadmap that answers what next to do, why, how, for who, at what cost, potential revenues, sales, profits ... Your plan will become a living-breathing instrument that guides all you do. And yes, it will have hundreds of revisions as time passes. Build your business on paper first.

Shuang Li Director of Operations, Business Analyst

June 9th, 2020

First, congratulations on the accomplishments thus far. a few thoughts for the next steps: 1) list out the potential users to understand the direction the app is going; 2) think about how you would reach out to those users (marketing plan); 3) learn from other successful & similar (if any) web apps on the UI/UX styles you like before hiring someone to do it (the first 2 steps also helps you decide on the design)

good luck for everything ahead!

Leroy Lo Engineer | Software Developer - Director | Entrepreneur

June 10th, 2020

As a solo entrepreneur, who started and closed a business, you need to prove out your product. Who is your target market, but most importantly, what is the problem you are solving, and are people looking for a solution to your perceived problem? Unless you have concrete interest/demand for your product that people are willing to pay, writing a business plan at this stage is not the best use of your time.

Mars Nadela Co-founder of a Tech Startup (mvp stage), Proprietor @Browingz Culture Shack

June 11th, 2020

Personally, I don't usually follow traditional business plan writing because I really find it a little bit generic. I would suggest to at least identify your goal and list down specific processes or steps for you to hit it. If your goal is to onboard early adopters then right down on paper what needs to be done to get them. Those things you list down is now your guide for your execution activities. After you hit that goal then proceed to another goal and repeat the process.

Chinedu Opara Senior Developer, Looking For The Next Step

July 31st, 2020

This forum system seems very difficult to use, you guys... how do you respond to individual comments under the original?

Nitin Gudadhe Founder & Director at SoftBlock Solutions Pvt Ltd

July 31st, 2020

Great if you have working model. Before your look at UI.UX or any other points, try to find out answers for below question. Who is your user base? Why they will use your product? How big problem you are solving with this product? How much is cost of this problem? and whats your model so you can make there cost go away or reduce it so they will be happy to use your product? How are your competitors in this. If you find all answers now you will reach to your model type or come near to reality of success.