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Prototype stage - Signed few hundreds of potential users, MVP vs Find CO-founder?

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October 9th, 2016

Gian Tapinassi Project Validation

October 9th, 2016

To outsource or not to outsource  this is the dilemma!
I could talk about this subject for a long time but long story short this is my conclusion : 
to outsource the development of code for a startup, and I repeat FOR A STARTUP ( with a startup I mean : "a saas product built from scratch" ) can be done only if the outsourcing is totally controlled by a technician that is part of the company. But even in that case, a positive result is not guaranteed because if the CTO ( or whoever in the company ) cannot control completely the dynamics and the work processes of the outsourced team you will literally burn your money. 
Just to give a measure of what I am saying, it is already very complicated for a team in loco, all under your control and always reachable to find the right balance, communication, and productivity. Many companies are struggling to achieve it in a normal condition, so how much harder it is to achieve the same results with a team that is working in outsourcing for you ? never forget they are a team of mercenaries !!!  the time is passing by and they are paid based on this, that's it. 
Said that, as everybody knows, there are many software companies composed only of employees that are working remotely, but they are employees, not an outsourced team! It is a completely different thing, no need to explain why ( .
So my suggestion is invest your time in refining the product building as much prototypes as possible and showing them to as much customers as you can ( and most probably you'll be surprised by the feedback and anyway you'll improve the product) at the same time jump in all the meetups and events for developers that you can reach in London where you'll start to pitch the project in a very simple way and while you are pitching  ask for developers that could be interested in your business project.
If you are afraid to pitch because you don't want to talk about your secret product probably all the things I have said above are going wasted because I radically consider that type of mindset very dangerous and capable of destroying any chance to really build a good business. 

If you are still tempted from the shortcut of finding someone to outsource the MVP think about this questions: 
What happens when the money is finished and the product is not yet ready ? ( 5000 are burned just with 2 months of a good Indian developer  and if you can build a product with one dev only in 2 months you are really a great man) 
What happens if the product is finished and then you test it and you discover ( as it always happens ) that just a simple modification would make the product work but you cannot do it because you have finished your money ?

I would never suggest to a friend to outsource the development of  his first product.....
Save your money and invest in prototyping & going out of building and pitching, maybe it could appear a strange proposition but this what I would suggest to someone I care about. 

I am available to explain you more extensively why. 
Good luck :)

Max Garkavtsev CEO at QArea, TestFort

October 9th, 2016

Some part of myself is agree to Gian. Outsourcing goes bad really frequently unless you have good experience in building relations with outsourcer. But from the other hand - it mostly depands on 2 factors- how deeply do you understand your MVP - if you have a very clear pictre in mind, it's a good sign.. and do you have experience with fxed cost contracts. If you are missing one or both - the chance that you will lose 5k is quite high, and if it's all you've got - that can be a problem. But hiring wrong CTO or taking wrong partner is not a lesser problem than that.

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October 10th, 2016

Certaintly agree with Gian thank you for highlighting that the fact that product iteration is non-existing after development completion with agencies. I've had 
My share of painful experience with outsourcing it ranges between bad - terrible so not going on there. Max very interesting points and something I can relate to I was more thinking to do it with an agency and find a co-founder after wards however I think I will extend my time frame by looking into other methods of finding the right person as Gian said meet ups seems to be a good way to be introduced and introduce yourself to a potential partner. 
Zeeshan , thank you for the reply however I am looking for someone locally but let's start our friendship till I come to SF :) 

All great answers. 



Zeeshan Sajid

October 9th, 2016

Hi Isaac,
My name is Zeeshan Sajid. I have about 10 years of develpment experience as a full stack engineer. I know ReactJs, AngularJs, PHP, NodeJs languages pretty well.
My company sites are and ... and i have a team of developer overseas to work any product idea, I would like to be your tech founder, if you can take care of selling i can get the MVP developed quickly. Although i can develop it for a fee but i am more interested in a partnership because then we can only focus on growing the product. So if you would like to work with me please let me know what is a good time to talk. Also i been the lead architect behind,,, and now i am looking to build my own ideas. I am based in Silicon Valley, California and can be available to work during your mornings :). So let me know whats a good time and method to connect with you. cheers.


Thank you

Ariel Silahian "CTO as A Service" I help #fintech startups | Helping to manage your own Development team and tech

October 7th, 2020

haha... million-dollar question.

Please, do not fall with the same mistake I see over and over again.

Companies, where their main product is software, MUST have a technical co-founder. Otherwise, you will run into so many problems in the future.

Ask yourself this:

- Are you able to design the software architecture for your product? So your product can scale as customers come in?

- Are you able to manage a future development team? (from developers to GUI designers)

- Are you able to handle, track, and mitigate future bugs/issues that your product could have in the future?

If all those answers are YES, then probably you will manage to do it without a having a tech co-founder

Good luck