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Recherche un partenaire technique base en France - Le produit existe déjà et est fait en MVP - Débuts convaincants

Arnaud Comet

March 8th, 2021


I have started a website in the real-estate market in France. I am looking for a partner to continue developping the website with me. I am looking for someone technical who knows how to improve the performance and customize wordpress websites and PHP but who could also build on top of React for enhancing the platform.We need also to improve the mobile experience. This is also important to love real-estate and be located in France.

Je suis a la recherche d'un partenaire sur mon site web avec qui je peux travailler et continuer a développer un site web immobilier. Il y a pleins de potentiels pour changer le marche immobilier en France. Le site web est crée et commence a générer du trafic mais il est important d’améliorer la performance, d'optimiser pour une expérience mobile et aussi penser a la version 2.0 de ce site. C'est pour cela que savoir développer sur React serait super important.

A très bientôt!

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

March 10th, 2021

Hello Arnaud,

You are not describing a business partner, just a web developer. There's no reason you could not have such a person as an employee.

My suggestion is that you choose whether you're going to operate your site on a content management system like WordPress or build it on PHP with a React UI, not both. They're completely different and are not mixed well.

Your developer doesn't need to care about real estate at all. That's not their job. That's the job of your marketing leader. A developer should not be the one deciding what does and doesn't go on the web site and how your business operates.

Try not to conflate roles. Having a great web site does very little for you if you have not validated your marketing strategy. This is something that should come before any hours are spent building your web site.

Good luck!