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Recommendations for a PR firm in NY or SF (startup friendly, focused on digital media/publishing)?

Hai Habot Growth | Business | Marketing

June 3rd, 2015

Some of the PR firms I've worked with in the past are not a classic fit for a current project and I'm looking to connect with new ones (or an individual)that can help.

* Preferred location NY (SF might work given the right fit)
* Must have - strong focus and proven track record with tech startups in the media/publishing vertical.
* Startup friendly DNA - able to work well with an early stage team, flexibility, startup friendly pricing, etc.
* Large PR firms, all-in-one marketing agencies and firms that focus on late stage / enterprise are probably not a good fit at this point.

(No disrespect to providers/vendors but) we would prefer recommendations from founders (or team members) based on their direct experience. Even better if you can share some background/results...

Alex Eckelberry CEO at

June 3rd, 2015

I like DMG

Shelley Facius Head of Communications at Coretech, a WPP Company

June 3rd, 2015

Hai, I am have expertise in PR and corp comms for tech companies. A company I recently had as a client has had very good results from Golden PR, it is s small company and I believe it's out of NY. The surname of the founder is "Golden". Best of luck!! Shelley (Company founder and FD advisor) Sent from my iPhone

Dawn Fotopulos - I help small businesses find hidden existing profits | Award-Winning Business Author

June 3rd, 2015

Alexandra Preate of Capital HQ in NYC has great media connections. She gets the job done. Dawn Fotopulos Founder, Best Small Biz

Anthony Miller

June 3rd, 2015

Hi Hai!

I'm a recovering PR person, and have worked with some very capable agencies over the years. I'm based in NY and could make some high level introductions if ya like. Give me a shout.

Eleanor Carman Incoming BLP Sales Associate at LinkedIn

June 3rd, 2015

Hai - There are a few previous discussions asking about PR recommendations that yielded answers about firms in NY & SF. Here are two of those discussions in particular that might be helpful:
It's also helpful to follow the PR Discussion topic so you're updated when useful information appears. You can follow that topic here

Emmi Buck Founder/President at ~*~ (shhhh.... still under the radar) ~*~

June 4th, 2015

NY or San Francisco = North of Nine (a sister of Burson Marsteller). I used to work there and they are KILLER! We did start-up PR as well as very well established tech companies and VC firms. Super creative, talented, smart, efficient group!

Tom Stearns Marketing and Sales Strategy, Content Strategy, Sales Development

June 4th, 2015

I'd highly recommend InkHouse ( They're not in NY but they have a SF office and a Boston office. They're in NY often for other clients. I've personally used them when I was at Myvu (a startup) and I do some work with them on a consulting basis fairly often.

They work with many startups on both coasts. I'm happy to make an introduction or to discuss further. Are you available to speak tomorrow?

Hai Habot Growth | Business | Marketing

June 4th, 2015

Thanks everyone for the recommendations! we are now working to review all names and hopefully move forward with the ones that make most sense (we are laser focused on media/publishing so some of the companies listed above may not be a classic fit). also thanks for the offers to intro, might take you up on it later on.

@Anthony - thanks for offering to help, in case you can think of specific firms/individuals that you know that have a great track record working with media/publishing startups please feel free to send them my way (via direct message on the platform or we can connect on Linkedin). much appreciated!

Jose MBA Journalist Super-connector PR/Marketing Leader Quadrant Two PR LLC & EVECAIN Network Founder Business Adviser

June 8th, 2015

Hai, I read your posting requesting recommendations and would like to offer the services of my privately owned firm Quadrant Two PR LLC. I have operated an IR practice for the past five years focused on start ups and small businesses. Tech is the largest part of that but I have also helped many non-tech businesses with PR and management consulting. I do work around start ups like, and other confidential business and management app developer clients. I am part of the startup community and connected with local tech incubators, meetups and hackathons. I am the founder of the EVECAIN Network events series for entrepreneurs and investors. I started Q2PR in 1994 originally as a Fortune 500 focused Latino and multicultural practice with B to B and B to C consumer packaged goods accounts. I also offer the added bonus of being an excellent business adviser having litterally assisted thousands of small businesses and startups in many industries. I have sales and marketing experience which includes various media like