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Recommendations for email deliverability monitoring companies

Jason Hofsess

September 3rd, 2013

I looked into SendGrid and they have a compelling offering. I also contacted a friend-of-a-friend who handled email deliverability for another startup who gave me an additional list of concerns to address even when using a service such as SendGrid.

These include:

 - Actively managing the feedback loop (FBL) process
 - Keeping your sender score high
 - Reacting to situations when a customer marks your email as spam
 - Pre-testing email content for spamminess. Since some parts of our email content is authored by our external business partners, this process may need to be actively managed
 - Engaging and managing whitelisting services such as ReturnPath
 - Working to determine how the recipient ISPs handle an email that is considered "delivered" and how to maximize inbox delivery rates

Is there a company who can take on these duties at a reasonable rate? My team is hoping that there is a company that can simply monitor this project over a few hours per week.

Patrick Colmenar Development Manager at LDProducts

September 3rd, 2013

Good list here - - 
  1. Setup decent threshold of activity before you start e-mailing someone.  Paid transaction or e-mail signup.  
  2. Clean your lists.  If someone doesn't click on a link in 180 days, you might have to put that person on a cold list. 
  3. Minimize volume.  Try to avoid blasting your whole user base
  4. Never buy lists.  If one of those e-mails is a honey trap, you are screwed 
Have you tried Constant Contact?  Most e-mail delivery companies charge per message.  You can usually get away with high volume/minimally monitored transaction mail on cheap service like MailChimp/Mandrill.  And then lower volume promotional blast stuff via highly monitored e-mail service like Responsys/ExactTarget/Cheetah.  

Michael Richards GoMotive CEO (mobile client retention system) & PRR Chief Operating Officer

September 3rd, 2013

Very helpful. Thx. *Michael Richards | **Go**Motive* Chief Executive Officer T 206.462.6364 M 206.696.3830 F 206.623.0781 Skype MichaelRichards100 Web FB Gomotive Twitter GomotiveRx

Michael Richards GoMotive CEO (mobile client retention system) & PRR Chief Operating Officer

September 3rd, 2013

I have a few of the same questions about SendGrid, which otherwise seems to be a great tool for us. Thx.


September 4th, 2013

I've recently built a prototype SaaS application that automatically emails reports from users' Freshbooks accounts.  I tested Rackspace hosting for the application, which, it turns out, is too pricey for my needs right now.  More to the question, Rackspace seemed pretty excited about and recommended Mailgun for an email delivery solution.  It could be another option for you to consider -