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Recommendations for Messaging Tools for Apps

Kristi Shadid

August 4th, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for recommendations on tools to integrate into our native apps that will handle our messaging needs.  Ideally, we'd like one system that would do:

Push Notifications
In-App Messaging
In-App Inbox

These are all various types of messages that would be triggered by actions users take in the App.  We want something that our developers can integrate but then our non-technical marketing team can utilize to set-up the messages.

Anyone have suggestions?  I'm also thinking it may need to be more than one tool if we can't find one that will do all 5 types of messages.

Thanks for the ideas!!

Joanan Hernandez CEO & Founder at Mollejuo

August 5th, 2016

Hello Kristi,

If I understood you correctly, you need a system on which a user goes to a web site and then this system sends a message. However the user can decide which method to use to deliver the message: e-mail, Push notification, SMS, etc. AND also decide to which app to send it.

And you need this system, so your native apps accept it. In short you need and SDK for this.

If that's right, the close ones available for some of these tasks are QuickBlox and SendBird. However none of these do all the things you request.

That said, the first caveat I see, is that PUSH notifications on phones are on a per app basis. It could be possible to make a broadcast PUSH messaging system, but in the end, the certificates for each app must exists.

For the SMS, one needs an SMS gateway, not impossible but certainly not free. Last but not least, In-App messaging and In-app inbox is sort of a WhatsApp clone. Completely possibly technically, but it does has it complexities, specially if you scale it up.

So, as you're seeing, each feature is a project in itself. We might be able to make all these for you :)

Best of lucks!

Mark Sacks CEO, TipTap - Dance for Charity

August 5th, 2016

Hey Kristi-

Urban Airship is an excellent one-stop-shop in Portland, Oregon that can help you with all 5 message types.  They provide excellent customer service and will help you think through your messaging strategy too.