Recommendations for startup legal services and web designers in Seattle area

Shawn Burke CTO, Buddy Platform

July 6th, 2012

Hi folks -

I\'m looking for some recommendations for the following in the Seattle area:

1) Legal services - general counsel, corp setup, terms of service, tc.
2) Web graphic design and UX services. I\'ve got all the tech covered, need
to make it look nice. Willing to partner with someone here if they\'ve got
the right skills as well.



Jessica Alter Entrepreneur & Advisor

July 6th, 2012

Fine to use this group for service provider recommendations but not for asking for partners. That\'s what the site is for - go there and message some members.

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Brian Schultz Director, Corporate Development & Strategic Investments at Microsoft Corporation

July 8th, 2012

Hi Shawn, lots of great attorneys in town, \'r\' me if you want any color.

Here are a few that are "friends" of FounderDating, most of them will work
out some sort of deal where you can defer or reduce upfront cash required
until you raise funding:

- Craig Sherman
- Jessica Pearlman
- Alex
- Bill Bromfield
- Ben Straughan
- Heidi Drivdahl
- Mike Beers

(I don\'t have a current rec for DWT, Orrick, Summit, but those are also
good firms doing good work for founders/startups)


Brian Milnes CIO and VP Business Dev at XBRLCloud

July 9th, 2012


I can add to this list:

Vin Ricci who has been inexpensive and very effective
for us.

Thanks, Brian

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