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Recommendations for trade show booths (pop-up displays)


December 29th, 2014

I have no experience whatsoever in trade show pop-up displays, but one brand I've seen over and over is Coyote (for instance: http://www.apgexhibits.com/Coyote-10-Curved-Pop-Up-Display-CMP-p/coy-4x3-c.htm )

They look like the reference brand for pop-up displays but (obviously) sell at a premium. Does anyone have any recommendation for another (cheaper) brand? If not, what makes Coyote unique vs. the knock-offs?

Ted Epstein RepreZen CEO, building next-generation API design tools • API-Craft NYC Organizer • ted.epstein@RepreZen.com

December 29th, 2014

I just did my first trade show display a couple of months ago. A marketing consultant I was working with recommended DisplayStar . They turned around a rush order for me, including some help from a designer to compose the final banner layout from the mockup and high-res graphics I provided. Good service, and great-looking results. I was quite happy with them, and personally would use them again. - Ted

Alex Littlewood

December 29th, 2014

I don't have any specific brands to recommend, but I do advise not to try and penny pinch here. Buy quality materials and printing, because in physical environments they really matter. How you invest in design, printing, and display quality will have a dramatic effect on how your brand comes across. Just because something is WAY cheaper, doesn't mean its good for your brand. If you have no familiarity with display or printing, you should definitely seek out a designer with print experience, and ideally tradeshow experience specifically. Trying to educate yourself on printing and materials technologies in a short timeframe will be an exercise in futility (it is far more complex than you can imagine), so seek professional help.  

If you think tradeshows are an important place to attract new customers/recruits, do not go cheap in this area. 

Also, invest in some sort of padded flooring for your booth if the tradeshow is more than one day. You'll be shocked how bad your feet can hurt from standing on thin carpet over concrete all day and distract you from the task at hand.

Have fun!

Moses Ma Partner at FutureLab Consulting

January 2nd, 2015

I bought one like this:

It was shipped from China, and I sniped a price just over $200 using a smart bidding system.
Alternatively, you can buy this one for $600 flat, which includes printing and needs 4 weeks to ship from Hong Kong:

However, it will be printed on fabric, which will sag a bit and look dowdy. Better to spend an extra $400 to print on polyfilm that rolls onto the display with magnets... it'll look sharper.

On the other hand, this will work only if you have MacGyver skills, and you enjoy this sort of thing. If it causes any anxiety to DYI, then go with Coyote Pop. They're only clearing maybe $500 on the order, which is a good deal considering the reduction in effort and risk of flubbing it. 

Follow your bliss.

Alex Khaimov Creative Director, Business Director

March 28th, 2018

Hi, we can help with trade show booths and displays such as pop-up displays. http://www.printleaf.com/pages/trade-show-displays

If interested we can get the coyote displays as well. Feel free to ask any questions.

Sandy Fischler Experiential Marketing Director | Event Producer | Event Management | Entrepreneur

December 30th, 2014

I have never used Coyote but I've used a lot of Expand Media and Expolinc. I like Expand Media's products a lot and I've never had any quality issues. 


Jay Feitlinger Digital Strategist | Entrepreneur | Digital Strategy Agency CEO | Speaker | Business Consultant

December 31st, 2014

Raphael, this has been an area that has overwhelmed me for many years and I've done my fair share of conferences / events. My go to guy to get answers is the owner of Exhibit Experts. If you haven't solved this, his name is Eddie Lange and if you want to talk with him I can connect you two.


December 31st, 2014

Thanks all for your comments.

Ted, I am eventually not going with DisplayStar because they sell low-end versions of popup displays.

Alex, thank you for convincing me to go with more expensive gear in order to improve the booth look (I've decided to go with a Coyote booth eventually). I'm not sure yet about the carpeted floor as I have higher priority needs in terms of additional furnishings, but I'll keep it mind for next trade shows if that one indeed proves painful for my feet.

Sandy, thank you for the Expand recommendation. They never popped up in my searches, but Coyote has more than once. Since they seem very similar, I'll stick with Coyote as this will give me better options when I need to order new panels (as well as for the likely higher resale value).

Jay, thank you for the offer to connect with Exhibit Experts, but I have already found a provider.

Thanks again very much and best wishes of success with your respective businesses in 2015!

Moses Ma Partner at FutureLab Consulting

January 2nd, 2015

If you wanted to save a few dollars, the original manufacturer sells the same unit on eBay for a couple of hundred bucks. However, you'd need to work with a specialty printer directly. Doing so brings the cost down to several hundred dollars. And carpet is nice to include, but it's better if the carpet is customized with your logo.


January 2nd, 2015

Hi Moses,

Which eBay listing and eBay seller are you referring to? Wayfair?

From my understanding, the manufacturer of Coyote Pop up displays is Orbus (http://www.orbuscompany.com/About-Us/History/) and they are a distributor-only manufacturer (evidence: you can't buy direct from them at https://shop.orbus365.com).

I may be wrong, but it looks like you have to work with a reseller to buy this product, whether you need to printed graphics or not.


January 2nd, 2015

Moses, thank you for your feedback! I've seen the one you bought on reseller sites as well, and it's basically a Coyote knock-off.

Personally, I'm not really comfortable buying one like that, especially since I tend to be a MacGyver screw-up most of the times - not something I'd like to happen when I set up a trade booth.

I will definitely follow my bliss here :)