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Recommendations on an online video pitch practice and review platform?


November 17th, 2014

I was wondering if any of you had used a platform that basically allows you to record a video pitch, have it reviewed by professional trainers and iterate on the video until it's pitch perfect.

If so, could you please share with us the platforms you used? (I am not looking for a local service, only an online service)

Susan Danziger Founder and CEO, Ziggeo

November 21st, 2014

In case anyone is looking to tackle this problem (either as an add-on or new service), my company (Ziggeo) has developed an API for video recording/playback so videos can be recorded and submitted for review/feedback. 


November 18th, 2014

Thanks guys for the recommendations, though they don't really fit my needs.

What I am looking for is not a site where experts will tell me whether my idea is good or wrong, but whether I deliver it in a suitable/attractive way or not. In essence, it's more about form than content. sounds like that but from what I've seen, it's mostly just a platform where you submit your idea as text and people tell you whether they think it's a good idea or not.

I talked to a friend of mine who is actually just building something like this at!pitchingbooth/c1xyl but I was wondering if there was similar platforms already available (I have that need for myself after badly screwing up a pro video shoot I got for free, but I had slight reservations wrt the pricing of her service).

@VS: I unfortunately don't know who Rick is...


November 19th, 2014

Thanks Bob, it's interesting indeed. I'm surprised they aren't too many services that help people improve the quality of their videos, especially since video has become such an effective and widespread sales/marketing tool.

Bob Crowley Investor, Entrepreneur, Athlete

November 19th, 2014

A related service (professional videos for employees that are customized for your company) is This is a service targeting HR/benefits but they aspire to branch out to other business functions (i.e.  Sales, marketing, consulting, etc.). So they may not be a fit for you today, not sure, but wortha quick look. It's several execs from Adobe

Yuval Maoz Founder at MuseMatch

November 17th, 2014

There are a few startups trying to deal with this issue.
One available is "The Pitch":
Another one (not available yet) is "Jury". 

Alan Peters VP Product and Technology at BusinessBlocks

November 17th, 2014

No.  But done well I could see this being useful for sales teams to do peer reviews