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Recommendations on how to best encourage organic Facebook fan likes?

Liz Lentis Marketing & Sales Professional with an Entrepreneurial Drive

November 3rd, 2014

Hi everyone!

My Co-Founder Lia and I are in the process of launching our site Little List (littlelist.com). We are currently running a "pilot" on Facebook and have gotten 1200 likes from friends, friends-of-friends, and by posting in our local mom groups... and have received very positive feedback. We see Facebook as a way to build a following, create a proof of concept, and to help spread the word about our site.

However, I think I was a bit naive (and a bit of a rookie) to think that by hard work alone and by sharing our ideas with moms through different mediums (other FB groups and mom community sites) that our following would continue to grow rapidly. Last night for the first time I got accused of "spamming" (ouch!) This is certainly a practice that I do not want to be associated with, so I am looking for some inexpensive (or ideally free) ways to promote our site pre-launch on the web. If you think it is better to keep our current following and do heavier promotion / PR once the site actually launches, we would welcome that feedback as well.

And feel free to check out our page: facebook.com/littlelist. For those who have products/services that are geared to moms, children, and babies, feel free to ping me as well. We are happy to help where we can (we are moms ourselves).

Many thanks!


Lev Kerzhner COO at JamRoom

November 3rd, 2014

Hey Liz!

First off, best of luck with the upcoming launch! 

Now about Facebook, as a rule of thumb, Facebook 'likes' are a bad KPI. Because the amount of organic exposure Facebook allows 'pages' has become very low. ( 16-18% I think is the estimate. )

The idea is you use Facebook to isolate a specific customer segment and direct them to actions that generate revenue. 

Usually Facebook likes do not generate revenue. 

So here's what I suggest you do.

1. Describe your perfect customer. Use any relevant parameters like age, sex, location, interests, etc. 

2. Decide upon a 'call to action'. The specific action you want your ideal customer to take. Preferably an action that generates revenue.

3. Design a Facebook ad, that speaks directly to your ideal customer at the center of which is the action you want them to take.
Every campaign consists of one ideal customer and one call to action. If you have several customer segments in mind, or several call to actions, create several campaigns.

Hope this is helpful!

James Green Founder and CEO - OfferToClose.com

November 3rd, 2014

I think you have an interesting idea and while I think Facebook can be helpful I wouldn't rely heavily on any one marketing channel or company. Be prepared to focus on a handful of channels and assess what is doing the best job of driving success for your company. Once you are in full-launch if you are doing social well and the product is meeting a need you'll see the likes and more importantly the engagement with your product increase exponentially.

Brian Moran Senior Director Product Management at Savi Technology

November 3rd, 2014

Hi Liz Just read your post. Little list sounds interesting. Would love to connect and see how our startup booleangirl.org matches up. Sent from my iPhone

Nathan Terrazas

November 9th, 2014


Pre launch- 1,451 organic fans is legit. When you're getting near launch date, an awesome and fun way to get more traffic to FB is through bloggers. I'm sure you're aware of how many mommy bloggers are out there. You could ask them to give you a shout out. 

Just from looking at your FB page and visiting your landing page, here is my advice to get free traffic to FB:

**Reach out to 100, yes, 100 mommy bloggers asking for a short write up or shout out. Make a cold email template and fire away. Just make sure the objective is driving traffic to FB or your landing page. If a blogger is willing to write about your pre-launch, they'll definitely write about you again down the road. Reaching out sooner rather than later is smart in terms of building lasting relationships that will be valuable throughout the life of your business. 

This may sound pre-historic but its practical. I hope this helps. If you'd like an example of some cold emails that bloggers will respond to, let me know :)


November 3rd, 2014

Hi Liz,

Nice curation of daily deals for moms you have going there.
You can promote your deals on HelpAroundTown HelpAroundTown.com/cards
We reach a family audience that's your target. We'll be raising our prices soon, but for now, ads are just $8.95/month. You can edit the ad at any time. Easy & quick, so you can keep changing your offering.

We've also de-emphasized Facebook, because you don't own any of the content or social capital you build there. It's great you added an email sign up app to your Fbk page. What % of users who liked your page have signed up for emails??

Let's talk - you can send me a message on FD.

Eric Bernal Co-Founder, Director of Web Development & Design

November 3rd, 2014

I would not worry about likes too much, but rather on reaching a wider audience.  You should also focus on developing solid content for your blog, that you can then also promote on Facebook.  Many websites like lifehack.org do a great job of producing valuable content that facebook users love to share. So focus on solid content that moms will want to share with their friends, and that will fit in nicely into your marketing strategy.  Users love lists like "Top 10 ways to save money on kids toys", etc - those always get liked and shared the most.

As an aside, you don't really specify if your deals are online or local. You might want to go for both.  Many moms love to support their local community, so you might consider promoting online deals as well as local deals for different geographic areas. This might also give you a way to promote your business at the local level as well.

Good Luck!

Liz Lentis Marketing & Sales Professional with an Entrepreneurial Drive

November 5th, 2014

I really appreciate the thoughtful (and excellent) responses.  One of the reasons we are focusing on FB to start is because of the data behind the best ways to market to Moms (and how Moms discover new brands/information regarding their favorite brands).  It will not be our long-term main focus but plan on it being a part of the strategy.  We'd love to continue some of these dialogues.. thank you again!

Deborah MSW Business & Entrepreneurs Solutions. I help people increase their income and happiness. Authentic Foundation & Framework.

November 10th, 2014

Hi Liz,

Here is the inside scoop to FB pages these days. Unfortunately it's not like you expect. It used to be that way, but no longer.

The secret is to use the power editor and Facebook ads to highly and inexpensively target your audience on Facebook. The  value of your page is to show authority in your market and because to use the power editor and FB advertising best, you do well to be over 1000 likes. 

Organic reach is no longer something FB does well for business. They want you to pay to play. If you do it right, the ROI can be wonderful. Having your page set up with the number of likes you have now it really all you require.

I'm happy to explain a bit further how you can target newsfeed posts and ads directly to your idea consumer - down to their shopping habits and other cool marketing demographics, for little cost per click compared to almost any other platform on the internet.

Deborah Tutnauer


November 14th, 2014

Deborah wright you great post
facebook ads and target mums :)
You can boost post 5 dolars i think that will be great for begin to give you great ROI and new folowers