ID verification

Recommendations on ID verification software?


April 30th, 2014

We are looking for recommendations on ID Verification software to use in our sign-up process, does anyone have any experience with this?

Chris Korhonen Experienced Product Engineer & Leader, CTO of Minibar Delivery

April 30th, 2014

I've looked at a few solutions recently - the best for a web/app seems to be Jumio's NetVerify - user uploads a photo of their document and their face and its verified. I believe the service's SLA is 5 minutes which could potentially be problematic for something like e-commerce, you don't want the customer left hanging around.

Pricing from what I remember was around ~$2/per verification, but there are a few subscription options also. 

If you need to see them, all documents are viewable on their web based portal also.

Matthew Selbie Founder and President of Oberon3 - virtual comment card via the mobile phone

April 30th, 2014

I would have a look at Confident Technologies . It is a very cool image based authentication and also a  CAPTCHA service. 

Geoff Sanders Co-Founder & CEO at LaunchKey

April 30th, 2014

Assuming you're goal is to improve your security along with the registration process, might I recommend my company LaunchKey which provides next generation authentication (password-free, multi-factor, anonymous, and mobile) for free (API and SDKs galore) which can be tied to identity however you desire within your application. 

However, if what you're seeking is actually to determine the authenticity and validity of a state-issued identification card (e.g. driver's license, ID card, etc.), most states offer online systems for verification purposes. There are also plenty of costly "identity verification services" like LexisNexis and Experian.


May 1st, 2014

Thank you very much! Just starting to look at these and your comments are very helpful!


May 4th, 2014

Hey Lee -  Trust Cloud is pretty good.


Steve Brownhill General Manager at Visual Analysis Pty Ltd

May 13th, 2014

Possibly GreenID by edentiti 

Australian company so very much Aussie though