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Recs for marketing agency specializing in social networking & e-commerce

Lucia Guh-Siesel CEO & Founder, Bandalou

June 2nd, 2014

I'm looking for recommendations for an amazing marketing agency that specializes in the social and e-commerce industries.  Ideally, a small firm in the Bay Area, that knows how to work with a start-up.  Many thanks in advance!

Eric Sullivan CEO at FoundationLab

June 2nd, 2014

I would highly recommend you contact Jay Feitlinger @ Stringcan Interactive his email is

Arthur Veytsman Founder at Immerss, 6x Entrepreneur & Angel Investor. Building relationships with Angel Investors worldwide.

June 3rd, 2014

Lucia, I've struggled with this challenge for many years.  It's very hard to find an agency that employs diversified talent and doesn't function poorly.  I just completed my third projest with Commerce House and they have delivered an amazing result yet again.  They are Dallas based, so I don't know if that works for you, but if you are interested I'll put you in touch with the owner.  Let me know. 

Mark Lewis Product & Innovations Practice Lead at Slalom Consulting

June 3rd, 2014


I work for a digital innovation consultancy that works with startups in e-commerce, mobile and a number of areas. If you want advice and even to see if our agency is a fit, please contact me through my profile.