Requesting information on Renewable Energy Startups in Canada?

Amit Bhattacharyya S/w Solution Architect, Tech Product Manager. #TechStartups #Blockchain #Crowdfunding #SolarEnergy

February 13th, 2020

I have been searching on say LinkedIn,, twitter. I did find some leads but not very successful or how I would desire at finding the online pools where I can reach out to Entrepreneurs engaged in the renewable energy space in Canada.

I am still digging and thought of asking our learned community here too at cofounderslab.

I am essentially looking to research & evaluate

1. Parts of the Renewable energy industry where innovations are happening through startups.

2. Who are now the major players in this space (specifically Solar and Wind) in Canada --> This one I have got a hang of (from but would love to match & validate with the responses here.

3. Also are there startups coming up related to associated services space too in Canada?

4. Module Level Power Electronics for Solar Panels - Are there startups in this space and if so , who are the guys?

5. Startups in the Wind Power space?

6. Smart transmission & Smart grid management space?

I am very interested in this space and would like to connect with passionate minds operating on these areas in Canada!!

David M

February 20th, 2020

Paul is right. Honestly what I have seen on CoFounders Lab is a LOT of fishing. People come on here roughly 60-70% seeking advice or social discussion about their business. 30-40% are randomly hoping to find some magical investor or co founder who can make their company take flight. Of those, most I have connected to have ZERRRRO realistic competence or understanding of both the entrepreneurial process including the team building process or proper compensation...what investors want to see etc.

Rarely do I see anyone with startups who have competent business plans or marketing plans in place..and WORSE most do not have the desire to do that. They fall into the entrepreneurship "Odds" which is an abyss of failed ideas that never took flight, failed business plans which were seen as finite and not evolving and organic, or worse not necessary to begin with.... or failed startups run by a naive first time CEO who wanted to keep 70-90%+ of his startup while seeking all the needed risk/startup capital... with no established cash flow, no proper legal structure, patents, etc. I am the first to talk down about the negative aspect of paying attention to negative odds. BUT I will also be the first to say if an entrepreneur wants to cut corners and be lazy or greedy they need to pay close attention to those odds because they will likely find themselves as one of those stats. If you are serious about your path...sure...throw a line on CFL...chime in on some discussions, but do yourself a favor...utilize precision and focussed research and don't get caught in the abyss of wandering entrepreneurs that CFL primarily is. Happy to connect and be a sounding board for your networking.

Amit Bhattacharyya S/w Solution Architect, Tech Product Manager. #TechStartups #Blockchain #Crowdfunding #SolarEnergy

March 3rd, 2020

Thanks, Paul and David for sharing great perspectives. David, I love the candid and passionately expressed honest thoughts.

Forgive me but I was away from the platform for more than a week as things got a bit nuts at my workplace around the end of Feb.

So David, I will connect and will discuss further.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

February 18th, 2020

CFL isn't a very useful research tool for this kind of detail. There's no concentration of your subject matter. You will find much more information on this subject from trade associations, trade magazines, and whatever public commission regulates utilities in Canada.