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Felipe Miranda I am looking for a Tech Co-Founder to create a Community Commerce Platform

December 13th, 2017


I have a platform that connects fashion brands with costumers. I am aiming to have an avg of 10000 SKUs by the end of next year. Part of our strategy to monetise this traffic is to use Ads. I been looking to alternatives because there is a problem. Our target market is a very green focus customer that is normally against consumerism. Since Ads make you consume more I have to be careful on the way I use them. I been looking on alternatives such as and other similar that put the ads in between the platform and the brand website. The companies that I found so far are really Spamy and they look dodgy. I already tested Adwords but I can't get it to work in between the platform and the brands website.

Do you know a better alternative to monetise using Ads in between your platform and brand website?

Thanks for any help and recommendations!


Nicholas Petros Head of Growth @ PinchForth | Co-Founder, Stealth B2B Network

January 29th, 2018

Hi Felipe - there are so many ways to monetize now it'll take you years to validate them all. I think, with a platform like yours, data is a good opportunity to look into. If you could find a way to build a passive profile (privacy policy permitting) of which brands each user associates with or is interested in, that data would be super valuable through a broker like Blue Kai or LiveRamp. Granted you'll need considerable traffic to make it significant.

Next, look into affiliate marketing, both with the brands you link to (go to their site, grab their tracking codes, append to your existing urls) and via big networks like Impact Radius etc. This is another way you can monetize your traffic without modifying your experience.

Display ads in general aren't going to pay a ton with respect to your traffic volume. If, however, you are influencing purchases, affiliates are a great option. Licensing your data profiles is interesting because you don't need tons of traffic to turn it into something reasonable. Just make sure you double check with legal to make sure all of your users have agreed to your T's and C's before you go that route.

Let me know if there's more I could share. Sounds like an awesome idea! Great opportunity for you!