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Sales and marketing – what resources do you use to learn?

Marcin Brukiewicz Full-stack dev & MD

September 9th, 2019

I'd be more than happy to hear what kind of courses/books have you found useful when learning about sales and marketing?

It's kind of hard to find something relevant on Google, especially if it is related to digital marketing/sales field. If someone is good at it, he probably already marketed the book/course pretty well – but does this mean that this stuff is worth the money?

I've tried a few on Udemy etc. and they were covering pretty basic topics, nothing particularly useful.

What I'm looking for is an insider point of view – an author/teacher who does marketing/sales on a daily basis and would love to share how it is done.


David Cutler

September 10th, 2019

Hi Marcin - That's a loaded question. The secret is that place in-between Sales & Marketing... appropriately referred to as "S&M" because it is provokes with exciting opportunity and conflicting control. Marketing supports Sales but they must be aligned in their collaboration. They have to get along! My favorite Marketing framework is Check out Marketing automation could mean automated targeting, acquiring, qualifying, engaging, closing, and retaining. But Sales can also require on-on-one interaction. The best way to learn Sales is to live it. Sales is people. Meet the people. All those basic courses/books are OK to build awareness of the steps. But you will only get better by listening... BOTH to your own pitch/promise and (mostly) to your prospect and their issues in their organization and their market. So, Sell Out! See my Top 10 Tips at