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Seeking a Printing Partner


January 25th, 2016

We are launching a website which will allow users to be able to print what they create. We are looking for a partner who can deliver high quality prints nationwide for our users.

Any suggestions on companies that are reputable?

Todd McMurtrey Global Marketing Operations Manager | Digital Marketing at Medtronic

January 25th, 2016

What kind of printing?

For canvass, wrap, and photo-paper printing, CircleGraphics does a pretty good job and has a lot of technical integration available to make this fairly easy.

For more paper, print, paper image, or product printing, PFL.com does really well and I've found their support and onboarding to be excellent. I'm sure they both overlap services quite a bit, so depending on what you need, it never hurts to talk to both.

If you are doing book publishing or similar, I'm not sure if either of the above supports what you'd need (but they might).

I've used both to limited degrees and have found them both easy to work with, but glancing at each of their websites, they don't seem to have a lot of their integration information easily available, so you may need to call and chat more directly. 

(Obligatory Disclaimer: these are my personal recommendations and do not necessarily represent the opinion of any past or current client or employer.) 

Doug Mitchell CEO & Co-Founder at AdAgility

January 25th, 2016

Hi -- I spent 7 years working for Vistaprint and know a bit about the print market. Your requirements should drive your consideration set. e.g. Quality - Very Good vs. Museum; Run Length - short (quantity of 1-50) vs long (51-100k); Turnaround time (hours vs. days); Printer - digital v offset; Price; Integration level, etc.

  • Vistaprint (amazing value)
  • Staples & Fedex Office (wide range of capabilities)
  • Printing For Less (great with custom /complex programs)
  • 4 Over (solid)
  • Moo (terrific quality)
  • Your local commercial printer
PM me if you have more specific Q's or want other advice.


Dana Johnston Business Executive looking to make a difference...

January 25th, 2016

I advise a company that has developed a web based print management platform (largely aimed at the transaction print market (bills; statement; invoices) that currently has a world-wide network of 150 printers...The business has two revenue models...Print/Mail Revenue Share and Postal Arbitrage...Is this the kind of business you are looking to start...or are you looking for a specialty print partner to push specialty print to.

Aero Print Tiskarna #aerotisk - tiskamo vaše marketing ideje ✔ | EU printer & marketing service provider

October 5th, 2016

If anytime you are interrested in expanding to EU or franchise your solutions, we are interrested!

Steven Turner CEO at Interconnect Media Network Systems

January 25th, 2016

Any idea on volume and what type of printing? I have experience in this type of negotiations and have a few thoughts on who to look at depending on volume. Sent from my iPhone. Steven Turner CEO www.imnsys.com www.simultv.com

Ogden Rattliff, MBA

January 25th, 2016

I know Brandlamb.com is open to nationwide partnerships. Is there a contact name and phone number? Regards Ogden Sent from my iPhone


January 26th, 2016


Jen Kokko District Manager at Insperity

January 25th, 2016

Hi all, thanks for all the answers. I had posted this, and can't figure out how to respond again as my name wasn't attached to it initially. 
 The type of printing we need is brochures, and then expanding to things like business cards and photo books etc. If we capture even only 5% of our target market this would be in volume of 150,000. 

William Wallace Mead High-energy, high-integrity entrepreneur seeking next opportunity !

January 25th, 2016

Good evening Jen... You certainly are in good company as the credentials of those who responded are top flight.

I agree that 4over is an exceptional trade printer but I would also recommend taking a look at the reseller/partnership program that Vistaprint offers. A good friend and old colleague of mine just landed with them and I'd be happy to give you his information offline if you'd like.

I was the original founder of 48HourPrint.com and led the company as its CEO and Chairman to maturity and its peak of success (as of today anyway). We had an amazing team, a great model and for years we literally owned the online printing market (as Vistaprint was nice enough to share).

Long before the term 'web-to-print' surfaced, we defined (and refined) a new manufacturing process that maximized efficiency and all but eliminated the waste that offset printing was notorious for. This, combined with the instant delivery model that the internet provided along with some very forward thinking technology, helped us brake records by achieving gross profit margins that approached 88% (for some products).

I successfully exited in 2008 and my timing was impeccable as the market has been in decline ever since. I'm not mentioning our achievements solely because of pride and besides, option is just that. But I believe any real success will be difficult in an overly saturated market that's rapidly shrinking unless you can invigorate buyers with some new, killer print-collateral products.

The print buying landscape has forever been changed as very few, if any of this year's graduating seniors (tomorrow's entrepreneurs) are even thinking about needing business cards. Instead, I challenge anyone entering the space to go back to the drawing board and put in the hands of those seniors ___________ (insert newly conceived, 'must-have' print item here).

Me? I bought a boat.. (j/k).

William Wallace Mead

Scott Winterroth

January 25th, 2016

try 4over.com, they are a trade printer so if anything you can save some money.