Sending a gift to a potential business partner

Chad Armstrong Director of Digital Marketing at CircleBack Lending

December 19th, 2012

Hi everyone,

I\'ve been going back and forth with a company that would be an
incredibly valuable partner for my business over the last few months.
Our last conversation was about 3 weeks ago, said they would have a
decision for me by late Dec / early Jan.

I was thinking of sending over a gift Friday morning, likely a few
bottles of wine (accompanied by a �happy holidays� note).

I realize this isn�t going to lead to a deal being signed if they have
no intention of doing so, but in the event that the partnership is low
priority for them I thought this could at least indirectly bring some
attention to it.

What are your thoughts?


Chad Armstrong Director of Digital Marketing at CircleBack Lending

December 20th, 2012

Thanks for the responses everyone, very much appreciated. I just
placed the order to have a nice bottle of wine sent over tomorrow

Tony, I included a message based off the example you gave (very
helpful, thank you).


Tony Clemendor Founder/CEO - GiftWow, Growth & Operations Guy, Startup Advisor

December 19th, 2012


I think that a gift, done well, shows a lot of positive things about you.
It can show that you are a thoughtful partner and that you\'ve got style.
If you are going to send one, don\'t send something they won\'t appreciate.
When my last company got bigger, people used to send me holiday bottles of
wine, which would have been OK except I don\'t drink wine. The gifts
usually got distributed to the staff.

If the goal is to help remind them about your possible partnership, I
wouldn\'t make the note too generic. It will make the gift look like you
simply added them to the distribution list for your "holiday wine list". I
think a brief, but personal note would be great. Something like

"John, In case we don\'t speak before the holidays, I just wanted to wish
you and your team a Happy Holidays. This is one of my favorite wines and I
thought you would enjoy it.

We\'re looking forward to continuing our discussions soon.

Warmest Regards, me."

It\'s style dependent. Don\'t do it if it is totally out of character based
on your interactions to date.

My $.02

Tony Clemendor

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