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Setting up marketing and sales for exisiting software

Dmitri Silaev Founder at - Advanced OCR software - Custom development and canned solutions

Last updated on May 6th, 2017

For some years we were working for various clients as a custom B2B software development company. Over time we gained rich expertise and accumulated a portfolio of solutions. However, now I can see that the only future for this business is to stop “spreading too thin”. What I mean here is to cease custom development, to productize several of our existing solutions, and only to focus on marketing them.

This is possible, because all our solutions are licensed, and I managed to keep all IP rights for most of them. I did some vetting, and picked few niche ones (not on our website yet) that have a great marketing potential.

The picked solutions are mostly ready to be marketed, and I’m good to continue handling everything related to software development and technical support. But this covers only a part of the business; it also needs marketing and sales be set up. To the moment those are close to none, I’m not proficient in those, and honestly not very fond of doing.

I have basic understanding of some high-level things, but when it comes to the tactical level I think it’s beyond my strengths. Things like market study, pricing, website redesign, sales copies, advertising, lead generation, sales person(s) on the phone – these and many other things need to be nicely tied together and decently executed.

I’d appreciate your suggestions on the best way to proceed. Look for a mentor? Hire a business development person? Find a cofounder with respective skills? Or read more business books and slowly learn to do everything myself taking wrong ways and making mistakes?

Your references of specific persons that can help, or books, or companies are appreciated as well.

Dmitri hi, there are a variety of options as you could imagine, primarily broken down by factors like budget and long term business goals (I am not referring to just making money). You're welcome to reach me privately for more in-depth tips/ discussion

Todd Oliver Proven Sales Leader, Process Implementator

May 17th, 2017

I'd look for someone who is an excellent generalist and align their interest to yours to rapidly scale sales. This is a 24/7 task, and you'll find there are so many more opportunities and inefficiencies in your process than you realize. As this is in my wheel house, I'll reach out offline to you to see if I can assist with specifics or guide you towards a local resource.