Should I add expiry date to a partnership proposal


June 23rd, 2017

I have a startup and want partner with a government agency to put their product online. Is an expiry date for proposal needed?

Anonymous Cofounder and Technical Director of SwiftPro Logistics Services

June 23rd, 2017

YES, 100%, i am a strong believer in review and expiry dates. so while an expiry date may be too uncomfortable, a review date would be great for both parties.

Harrison Rose Co-Founder & CEO, ex-AT&T Labs, ex-Apple, MBA, strategist, startup expert, robots, software, bus dev

June 23rd, 2017

In my opinion, it is always a good idea to have an expiration date on any proposal you write. This not only causes action to take place, but it prevents potentially unpleasant situation should someone dig up the proposal years later and try to accept it then. Furthermore, you can use the expiration date as part of your negotiation tactic and persuasion process. As the date comes closer, you can use the date as a reason for requesting information on their decision process. Also, once it is passed, you can put it to bed and go on to worrying about the next due date among your activities.

Graham Musgrove Entrepreneur & Consultant

June 23rd, 2017

My first thought would be long term sustainability, which would lead me to believe the longer your contract with them, the better for you. They will most likely specify an end point for the contract as a standard procurement/project management practice.

Ovie Uwode Business analyst CEO ogalink ent.

June 26th, 2017

Yeah. Sure . to avoid stories that touch the heart. Expiry date is needed to maintain that all partnership deals holds for only an agreed period of time.

Benfaith Essonne Hard worker

June 23rd, 2017

Yes i believe so...