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Bartlomiej Skorupa

Vice President of Leadership Development at Figur8

I've written a book and expect that I can sell about 1k to 2k copies over the next year. My editor says selling books in lieu of speaking fees is a popular way to increase sales; Tim Ferriss did this and it's dope idea.

Should I self publish or use a publisher? Factors:

  • I can get a Foreword written by a 'good' founder (started/runs $5M -$150M company)
  • I'm antsy to get it out and waiting a year for a publisher sounds painful
  • I have money to self-finance
  • I speak 4-6 time per year, average ~70-150 people per talk
  • I coach ~30 people/year
  • I know how to leverage SEO + social media
  • This is my first book
  • More about me here: bartskorupa.com

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/considerations. Recommendations to publishers are appreciated.