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Should I use Medium?

Benjamin Bertelsen MSc in Digital Innovation & Management

September 21st, 2016

Thinking about using Medium in order to create my own personal brand and also to migrate the existing blog of our business. Can you share your thoughts please?

Coleen Leith President of Marketing Matters

September 21st, 2016

Hi Benjamin,

I highly recommend keeping your blog on your company website. Your blog is one of the important ways to build strong search engine optimization on your site. The updates, along with the content, will help your site score higher in searches. 

I agree with Viktor - you won't rock the world with Medium. Write articles for the trade publications and build your brand through credibility and becoming a subject matter expert.

Michael Boezi Writer, Strategist, Educator.

September 21st, 2016

I just recorded an entire podcast episode on using Medium for business - considerations and strategies so you can make a good decision around it. The episode will launch on Monday, in iTunes and on my site at

I believe that you can coordinate the two - your blog and Medium - without succumbing to what’s called "digital sharecropping." Plus there are some nice features of Medium that are better than traditional blogging.

But like Coleen says above, your primary hub should always be your site. Medium, like anything, should be a tool for developing your audience around your core property.

Peter Pachal Tech Editor at Mashable

September 21st, 2016

Generally I find Medium to be more useful for established voices in a field to make an impact with a single, substantive post, as opposed to a tool to build up authority over time. I'd suggest posting to LinkedIn, Tumblr or your own blog to that. The keys there are to be sustained (post regularly) and focused. (Are you a patent guy? Write about patents. Windsurfing guy? Write about windsurfing. Etc.) In any case, go deep and detailed with everything you write about. We already get the surface stuff everywhere else.

DLStickler CEO and Founder of Redeemable Media

September 21st, 2016

All excellent answers above. The risk in using a platform that is not under your direct control is not worth it, in my opinion. As long as you are backing up your content and site, you can always migrate to another hosting service or even domain (although I would not recommend that either) but if the worst case scenario occurs for a platform not under your control, you may be forced to start all over building your brand.

Alf Poor CEO at Ideanomics (Nasdaq:IDEX)

September 21st, 2016

I agree with Mr. Barr, each is nuanced and I believe Medium would not be advantageous over having the blog on your company website.

Viktor Dmytrenko Digital Marketing Manager at Ubertesters

September 21st, 2016

I'm not sure if it is the right way. Medium tends to be the platform where people can share their professional ideas, thoughts, working results. You could try to post there something, but  I do not sure that you get some huge response rate

Matt Cowell Strategy | Digital | Marketing | Business Development | Consultant

September 21st, 2016

It's a good, easy to use platform. HOWEVER, it does not deliver any SEO value for your domain, so not a great choice if you intend to climb the Google rankings. It's more a blog platform for personal use than commercial.

Danny Skarka Let's do Video Production and Social Media. General Manager and Director of Production at MediaOne Studios

September 21st, 2016

Medium will take your content off your domain which seems to be a waste. Google searches for regularly updated relevant content. I would consider the audience of Medium...are the people you want to reach there? You may also consider posting the content on both places. I often do that with Linkedin and a company blog. This would give you an opportunity to test the results of Medium. 

Stephen G. Barr Inimitable Advisor with Wide experience.

September 21st, 2016

I use Medium,, Blogger, LinkedIn, eFactor, Quora,, Social Media Today, Live Journal and publish & syndicate 40 blogs now for over 10 years. They each have their plusses and minuses and none is perfect. If you're looking to improve your Google rank then by all means use Blogger (Google owns it) as my Blogger blogs always rank higher than any other platforms on the Google search engine (funny how that works huh?). 

For your company blog I would strongly suggest keeping it right where it is on your company website. If you're looking to increase subscribers and traffic to your company blog then backlink snippets of your posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc...

One thing you should NOT do is double post the same content on two different platforms as Google will penalize duplicate content. I also would not suggest paying for SEO services. Make the content relevant and post often and traffic will grow organically.

You must consider what it is you are attempting to do with your blog. Having a bunch of traffic and subscribers alone doesn't accomplish much if that traffic doesn't convert into sales now does it?