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Software company - how to get new Clients with years of experience but without solid portfolio?

Lukasz Jedrak Cofounder of Software Development Company (Odilon Studio)

Last updated on April 6th, 2020


My name is Lucas and I'm co-founder and software developer of software development company offering bespoke solutions.

With over 4years of commercial experience in developing software I have decided to create my own company with my friend.

All software applications I have created in the last few years was build internally and here my problem arise. I cant really share anything in my portfolio as this will break the law so my portfolio is basically empty.

Is there any other way to get new Clients without portfolio?

Adrian Cabala founder & full stack developer

April 7th, 2020

What if instead of saying "we did those projects" (as a company), you rephrase it to sound more like "our developers before worked on/for..."?

Also what I did, but ages ago was to take some small, cheap projects so I could build my portfolio, but it's a bit painful as you could go under the budget to get those initial projects as well.

Andrii Morozevych CTO, Smartphone App Dev:

April 6th, 2020

No, But for example, you can create your own demo apps, that demonstrate your abilities :) Btw. commercial experience and actually doing projects for direct customers have a significant difference. Of course, code is code, but it is all about reading between the lines of the brief and trying to understand what is the actual project goal and it requires a lot of completely new experience.

Good luck with your new venture! Just don't give up!

Yash Agarwal CTO-as-a-Sevice | CTO | Tech Lead Logiquids | Tech advisor | IIT Bombay

Last updated on April 7th, 2020

I guess to start with you can just offer free consulting and make a basic website for yourself explaining your experience and what you can do in a personal capacity. Once someone engages and understands the value, you can offer. Go ahead and pitch other services.