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David Schwartz Multi-Platform (Desktop+Mobile) Rapid Prototyping + Dev, Tool Dev

June 13th, 2015

Is anybody aware of any detailed case studies on software startups? I've seen a couple targeted at software developers, but I'm wondering what non-techies would like to see in a detailed case study.
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Craig Conlee

June 16th, 2015

From my understanding, and regardless if its a software company or not, solving a problem either in revenue generating need or/and risk related need. Either way, you have to show how, what, why, when and where, just like if you are starting another type of firm. 

Maybe I am confused with your question.

Christophe Lassuyt co-founder at Moneytis, avoiding fees on cross-border money transfers, using Blockchain

June 14th, 2015

Hi David, what kind of case studies are you speaking about? on an investor point of view, or else?

Karen Leventhal

June 15th, 2015

Well I for one, would just like a glossary with hints and tips and pros and cons. I haven't found that, although maybe it's out there.   My tech advisor and I, went to a meeting with software development firm today. He was using terms like Restful API, CPI Compliant etc.  Would be great to know what those things mean....

Christophe Lassuyt co-founder at Moneytis, avoiding fees on cross-border money transfers, using Blockchain

June 14th, 2015

That seems clear.

According to me you could imagine having advices from a digital agency (in Switzerland: Virtua, Cross agency, etc...). They can handle the development part or help you to structure it.

Sometimes these agencies make partnership with startups in order to not be a huge cost at the beginning

David Schwartz Multi-Platform (Desktop+Mobile) Rapid Prototyping + Dev, Tool Dev

June 14th, 2015

From a founder's POV.

I see lots of people here in FD posting lots of similar questions about how to find CTOs and/or developers and ultimately get their MVP created. I also see lots of the same over-generalizations where people seem to think they need to hire "coders" but don't realize that "coders" are notoriously poor architects and designers. When they discuss "designers" they don't realize that this term seems to have been co-opted to refer to "UI designers" rather than "software designers". Then they wonder why it takes so long to get their software developed and why they have to go through several developers to get what they think they want.

I'm thinking that perhaps there are some case studies that go through the whole development process and explain the various terms, steps involved in getting an idea from scratch to delivery, what each one involves, and how to find the proper talent for each one.

David Schwartz Multi-Platform (Desktop+Mobile) Rapid Prototyping + Dev, Tool Dev

June 15th, 2015

I take it the lack of response here is reflecting the lack of available information. Is anybody even interested in detailed case studies?

David Schwartz Multi-Platform (Desktop+Mobile) Rapid Prototyping + Dev, Tool Dev

June 17th, 2015

Something that looks at the overall process, going from back-of-the-napkin idea to product release, examining the various issues and trade-offs involved along the way. (I'm thinking of doing something like that, so I'm wondering if it's something people would be interested in, and what they'd like to see.)

Renee Teeley Looking for a co-founder with marketing expertise?

June 17th, 2015

I would love to see something like this! I think it would be good to pick a perspective and a target audience. The information needed would change drastically depending on the audience. I'm not sure the level of detail you have in mind here, but If you do this starting with a non technical founder and if you can get a company that is completely candid here's the information that I would like to see and that I think is missing today:

Idea development:

  • What sparked the original idea?

Building their team:

  • Did they hire a technical co-founder, a development team, outsource, or something else?
  • What options did they consider for development and why did they go the route they did?
  • If they hired a technical co-founder, how did they recruit them and what was the equity provided? (I know this one is tricky, but it's valuable information if you can get it)

Developing the product:

  • How did the product change from the initial concept?
  • What were the hard trade-offs and what determined the priority?
  • Where we the unforeseen things that came up and how did they deal with them?

Product launch:

  • What was the product rollout plan?
  • What type of marketing and promotion did they do?
  • What was the feedback?
  • What were the learning lessons?

Customer acquisition:

  • How did they secure their first customers?

Let me know if you were thinking along the lines of something else and happy to add more questions!