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Specialized freelance marketplaces for high-quality copywriting / editing, photography, or video?

Justin Randolph

March 30th, 2015

I'm building a curated online travel company with a branded lifestyle element, focused specifically on "off-the-beaten-path" accommodations (think Jetsetter but for small-scale, authentic, rural lodging providers), and are amassing volumes of content from our partner properties, much of which doesn't match a "consistent" voice.  

Our team is slammed with other activities, and I'm hesitant to task somebody with copy-editing, which is likely a full-time role. Any recommendations of reliable and ideally-affordable freelance platforms stocked with high-quality writers / editors (have found elance / thumbtack, etc to be more effort than its worth)?

Also, given our curated focus (quality over quantity), our admin portal makes the task of sharing content (pictures, 'video postcards', and short copy descriptions) optional, and we pledge to 'fill in the gaps' of missing with a network of 'field correspondents' or paid content creators (writers, photographers, videographers). Our properties, all of which are high-quality accommodations appealing to the 'experiential traveler', have offered a free night to stay when capacity exists for anybody willing to produce high-quality content, and we'd be willing to pay for travel expenses and a per-property stipend. 
Thus, for purposes of content creation rather than content editing, I'd be extremely grateful for any suggestions for crowdsourcing content creators, whether via an online freelance platform or other solutions! A huge thank you. 

Leah Kaminsky-Levy Managing Editor, Content Stragiest and Head Writer

March 30th, 2015

Hi Justin, I am the Managing Editor at a big education website, Edudemic . I have an extensive network of writers at my finger tips, all of whom I've personally vetted for their intellect, quality, and voicing talents (far above and beyond anyone you would find on sites like eLance). I would refer them to you any way, but I am especially looking to do so now as Edudemic is scaling down, and I really want to find them good new gigs. Would you be interested in having me send some writers your way? I'm happy to talk more before I do so to make sure I'm matching you with the right people. And, in the future, if you do wind up looking for a content editor, content strategist, or managing editor, I'd love to have a conversation. It will be several months before I'm looking, but I love travel and would be interested in digging into that arena. Let me know! Leah


March 30th, 2015

Hi Justin,
I am actually creating that site. It's called We are currently in private beta and have 40 top freelancers mostly based in NYC. We plan on launching in the next few months so we have not rounded out our talent to fully fill your needs now. However, I currently have a couple top copywriters on the site, I know could help you plus, a phenomenal photographer that worked under Bruce Weber as well as a stock of top Designers, Art Directors, Editors(Film), Social Media Strategist, and Motion Graphics Artists. The site is currently free but invite only. If you'd like an invite feel free get in touch. 

Jesse Landry

March 30th, 2015 

Tell Alex and Scott that Jesse sent you - Assuming the talent you are looking for is there; you won't be let down!

I could do a personal introduction if you like?

Lea Yu CEO/Co-Founder at Virtue.Us

March 30th, 2015

Hi Justin,

I don't know much in the way of crowdsourcing platforms but I have a lot of friends working in journalism (print and video) who are currently based in China and frequently travel to cover stories all over China and Asia for major news publications. I myself used to be one of them, and they really are the most adventurous and go-getter types of travelers.

So, I can't offer you a one-stop solution like a crowdsourcing platform (and honestly am a bit skeptical about the potential there -- not in the case of copy-editing, but for actual high-quality coverage of travel sites around the world), but I could definitely give you some advice on what the interesting networks to tap into are for content producers, if Asia is a region that Untrodden is interested in. I can see your ideal writers/travelers as not being on crowdsourcing platforms, but probably already doing their own interesting projects/jobs and looking for an excuse to get out of town for a few days or a week.

Feel free to get in touch,

John Sechrest

March 30th, 2015

You might take a look at , it is a market place for writers.

Faun deHenry Strategist and Innovator

March 30th, 2015

Have you tried I've discovered really good talent there.