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Starting a Startup In Another Country from Home - Exercise & Share Your Vision

Bara Abraham Security Analyst, Entrepreneur

Last updated on March 27th, 2020

Franklin Ekwem We are looking to add expertise in a co-founding CTO and COO role.

March 25th, 2020

Well, it's cool to ask questions. It's take courage to do that and questions open the mind. After reading your questions, I was impressed, well it's not ideal to judge by the limited resources you found about your search. I'm glad you used the word limited in statement. Your call to action is "To search till you find". It's all written in a book your duty is to find it and read.

It's good that you have decided to think differently, Entrepreneurship is cool way to get out of rat race. But then you do not think of starting abroad, start right where you are, then look for a way to network with people who will help you in your career.

But then you do not need another professional education, seek for financial education. It's the bottom of been a real entrepreneur.

Postponing that plan is okay, take it as added advantage to start your entrepreneur journey in your home country.

Waiting til you go there, is a statement that close the mind nothing can grow in this state of mind. Ask now that, I have postponed this trip how can i improve my idea from my home country. To me this kind statement will open your mind and chance are good you will get update.

Your greatest resource is time, invest your time immediately in your entrepreneur journey by starting right where now. If you are waiting before you travel to abroad chance are good that you not will start the journey. Now that you've received the spirit start now. Proscastination is not an option brother.

Start in your home country, if you can not bootstrap. You used OPM (others people money). Smiles ""reaching out to early adopters in the foreign market will be harder, and the experience won't be as personalized and connection-building with the first users/validators as if it was a face-to-face interact"

How did you validate answer, you just have to start and stop giving excuse, Excuse do not help in real entrepreneur journey.


Franklin Ekwem