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Startup Leadership Program (SLP): worth it or not?

Varun Mehta CEO of Disqovery

September 15th, 2014

I was just admitted to the next batch of the Startup Leadership Program in NYC, and I'll have to decide soon whether I should join or not.

I'm still hoping they can reduce/waive the $500 program fee, as I'm currently quite poor. Regardless I'm looking for some perspectives from other US-based startup people I trust; and this community is one that I trust implicitly.

So: has anyone heard of SLP and has an opinion to share? Has anyone gone through it, or decided against it? Thanks for your input!

I should mention that I'm (currently) a sole founder, a first-timer, and we covered a number of the SLP course topics in business school. These facts factor into my thinking.

Greg Alkalay CEO / Founder at batteryPOP Kids Network

September 15th, 2014

YES. I'm an SLP fellow from 2013 here in NYC, and I couldn't have had a more positive experience. The peer network is outstanding, and I found my co-founder through an SLP contact. I've received legal advice, management advice, tech assistance, and after our informal demo day, I connected with a number of investors. And perhaps most importantly, I forged friendships that I expect will continue long into the future. It's a great program, and unlike anything else out there. Two fellows from last year ended up in 500 Startups, and SLP's relationship with a number of accelerators and incubators grows stronger every year. I'm certain I wouldn't have made it this far with if I didn't have SLP under my belt. Regarding the $500, it certainly beats giving up a chunk of equity, and considering there's food served at every session, those are nights you're not paying for dinner anyway! There were a ton of amazing applicants this year, and this year's program leaders made some tough decisions in handing out the invitations. It's a fantastic opportunity, and I highly recommend it. Hope that helps. Best, Greg Alkalay