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Subscription access to suite of CTOs/Technical Advisors. What to charge?

Julian Michael Founder & CTO (

October 3rd, 2017

Service: Subscription access (monthly) to a suite of CTOs/Technical Advisors.

I know that CTO and advisory positions are a valuable asset to a company but not sure how much to charge for the service or if companies would be willing to pay for it. At the end of the day, I want to help other startups (and not smother them with charges) but also know there is a high price tag for the services provided.

What should I charge? How should I start?

Looking for any and all feedback.

Below is a bit more of the background story:

I have years of software experience, specifically in relation to startups and scaling technology. I have been on winning and losing teams and have seen what it takes to be successful. Working with startups especially has taught me the value of proper decision making under high pressure, low resource situations and how costly they can be when poor decisions are made.

These experiences have left me with a special skill set of technical strategy and alignment with business goals. Often build vs buy, technical debt, architecture, and general management, processes, and decision making can lead to small, every day decisions that have large impacts and consequences, especially for a startup.

I want to help bring these skills to others (and charge for it). I'm putting together a team of like-minded software experts to help other startups have confidence in their technical decision making and help realize their goals.

Mark Goldstein Entrepreneur, Advisor and Investor

October 3rd, 2017

its right here:

Cezar Halmagean I am a business-minded Ruby on Rails consultant helping SaaS companies grow faster.

October 3rd, 2017

Hey Julian,

You might want to look into value pricing (this book is a good start). The gist of it is, you base your rate on the value you bring to the project.

So for example if your unique set of skills could save your client 100k/yr then paying 10k/yr would sound like a pretty good deal.


Cezar Halmagean

Mix & Go - Helping early-stage startups bring new products to market

Radu Daniel cv30 - changing the way professionals find work. Searching - full stack dev, UX growth mk.

October 3rd, 2017

Always ask your clients :)

Make a poll get an overview of how much they pay now and ask them some questions like

1. would they externalize

2. why would they do that

3. what are the issues which might occur on their part from doing this (trust, workflow, etc)

4. Is it a matter of money or of not being able to handle?

5. what do they want long term. Me as a non technical co-founder I would not want to build something knowing there is no continuity of any kind and I am always depended on an external contractor.

6. maybe the services required are more than what you might think of outside of the technical part

plus a million other things your potential clients might say to you. Why not offer the service for free to one of the companies that gives you feedback just to motivate more to do so? (or at least part if all the service is to time consuming)