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Suggestions for enabling purchase orders with Woo Commerce?

Matt Brocchini Chief Product Officer, Entrepreneur, Tinkerer

January 17th, 2018

Both consumers and businesses order products from our website (tinkeringlabs.com), and many of our b2b customers are schools that need to order using purchase orders. Does anyone know of a good solution for enabling purchase orders on a Woo Commerce e-commerce site? Ideally the customers would add items to their cart just like anyone else, and then have the opportunity to download a quote that they can give to their purchasing people, and then upload the PO once they have it. We'll then approve the PO at which point the order should be shipped and the invoice sent automatically.

We already have Woo connected with our fulfillment center for automated shipping of credit card / paypal orders, but handling POs is a manual process that is starting to become a burden.

Johann Hanekom Director - Veleration (Pty) Ltd

January 18th, 2018

Hallo Matt,

I have done a bit of research regarding Woo Commerce Purchase Orders and Quote Requests. Although you do get Woo Commerce Quote Request plugins, they do not offer you the functionality of downloading a quote immediately after you added items to the shopping cart or automatizing your whole purchase order system. All of those I have researched, only allow you to request a quote from the merchant in order for the merchant to negotiate a deal with the client. I would therefore suggest a custom build plugin which can be build according to your own specifications and business needs.

Matt Brocchini Chief Product Officer, Entrepreneur, Tinkerer

April 29th, 2018

I have implemented a solution that is working pretty well, and wanted to update the community here. I ended up using a combination of these two plugins:

WooCommerce Purchase Order Payment Gateway

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugins

This is giving me the workflow I needed, and it is pretty simple from a customer perspective. I've had about 15 PO orders since I implemented it and so far so good. If you're curious about how it looks to the customer, see this "how to order with a PO" PDF that we created:


- Matt

Aria Consulting Seeking new clients - Clear, Practical Solutions in Action

January 17th, 2018

I would use the Woo purchase order gateway....

Matt Brocchini Chief Product Officer, Entrepreneur, Tinkerer

January 17th, 2018

Thank you Lorne. I did check out the Woo PO Gateway, but it does not provide all the capabilities that I would like to see, for example giving customers a way to upload the PO. If I can't find anything better I will probably use it as it does address some of what I need, but I would like to find a more complete solution.

Stuart Phythian Founder, Phythian Consulting Limited - Marketing Strategist & Mentor for Eng, Mfg & Tech industry

January 18th, 2018

Hello Matt, If you can map out your workflow we can assist with any manual intervention part. Without sounding like too much of a sales pitch we manage remote outsource teams for some things like this which cannot be done solely with an API integration. Once we review each step we can look at either developing an automation tool, or if not possible continuing to do the manual work. Hope this helps, Stuart Stuart@sigam.co.uk