Nenaji Agbolabori MVP Built. Looking for a PR and Product Manager

August 26th, 2019

Anyone know where I can find cofounder lab template?

Specifically for the following

* Division of Equity
* Roles and Time Commitments
* Vesting Schedules + Issuance of Shares

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

August 27th, 2019

These do not exist from CFL.

You can find many examples from a variety of sources, but there is no universal method for any of these things. There are too many dependencies and specifics unique to each company for there to be a universal template.

For the investor side stuff, you would likely benefit from talking to your attorney or tax accountant to understand the implications of the many ways these things can be structured. What you decide today will have long-term effects.

As for roles and time commitments, this has more to do with what your company needs, but suffice it to say as many people as possible should be full-time. Divided attentions never help a company grow as well as it could otherwise. There are six fundamental business skills and no one person ever masters more than two. Finding a way through a combination of founder, management, employee, advisor team members to cover those fundamental skills with expertise is of high value to every business (marketing, sales, organization, efficiency, people, leadership).

Anuj B. Gopal Serial Entrepreneur who scaled a bootstrapped AIoT startup to clock $55M revenue | www.anuj.live

Last updated on August 28th, 2019

Hi Nenaji,

Their are lots of information available on this space. I would recommend you follow online startup community portals on LinkedIn or medium.

Their is no specific-defined rule to create such templates, still the best templates are the ones those were designed by all co-founders on mutual understanding.