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The best country to find platforms experts with AI skills

ExpoTor Looking for the right tech match for - Tradeshows & Sales Expert

September 21st, 2018

Where should we look for Python experts with AI / ML experience in a marketplace / online platform context?

William M. Digital Retention Lead | CX Empathy Strategists | Copywriter

September 24th, 2018

Don't worry about country. As long as there is no communication differences between you expressing your idea and them executing it than you'll be golden.

You can use the classic places like bHance or Freelancer, but let me pitch a different idea.

Try to Google your 'project' or find something extremely similar to what you're looking to design. Find the creator and look to contact them. This way you'll know that they've developed something similar (within reason) and that they are up to the task.

Go for the fisherman, not the bait.

Shawn Tan CoFounder @ IguanaLabs. Product Development & Operations.

September 24th, 2018

1. The US and Europe are probably expensive.

2. Options for outsourcing would be Eastern Europe, India and Vietnam.

3. Don't know much about Eastern Europe, but I do know financial product platform work being outsourced from Estonia to Vietnam. India has been tougher of late to get good talent, because most of the good talent gets absorbed by MNCs and startups. Right now, Vietnam is a good place because its in the early stages of the development of its software development industry.

4. For the run of the mill machine learning etc. based off some AI-as-a-service, it is possible to find various providers (I know companies using AI to identify consumer metrics that consumers are viewing on various car info sites etc.). For higher level algorithms, it just take some creativity to find researchers at the various institutes of higher learning and get them to consult.

Asfandiyar Sultangali communication

September 27th, 2018

India, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation. good quality and not expensive.


October 9th, 2018

Germany is really bad in outsourcing online platforms and their web design - 100€/hr and still full of bugs

Chowdari Babu Founder @

October 9th, 2018

We have python developers in our teams , interested can get in touch