Porfirio Partida Developer at Nearsoft

October 30th, 2015

Last year was all about bitcoin, now it's hard to get people to talk about it, let alone fund it. Is it gone for good or just forgotten for now?... More

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Ryan Selkis

April 20th, 2014

I've been working on several Bitcoin-related projects since last fall, and I'm considering a move from Boston to a better hotbed of Bitcoin activity.... More

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Ryan Selkis

November 15th, 2013

Hi guys! I'm looking for an excellent patent attorney with experience in financial services.  Expertise in the nascent Bitcoin market would be a huge... More

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Bogdan Mirkac Electronic engineer / business development manager

October 7th, 2016

Few years ago I got into a bitcoin mining. Then, it was still a beginning and a nice amount of money could be earned over a month. There was a big... More

Paul Sharp

Last updated on July 18th, 2017

As I did so many research both personally and by my team most of it says that BitCoin rate will hit $5k by December '17 but some says no and some... More

Ioannis MSc IT professional

May 26th, 2017

I recently read a Q&A on ICOs (initial coin offerings) that said there have been about 25 of these already in 2017 and that those 25 have raised... More

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Ihor Pidruchny

Last updated on July 6th, 2017

Hi, I am in charge of platform design at SLOGN Logistics Coin and we have announced our ICO. Despite the growing interest it is quite fresh in crowdfunding... More