Building Teams

Sarki Amada Serial CEO & CoFounder

August 26th, 2019

I have had previous experience outsourcing web development, app development and software development. I found that outsourcing is cheaper and the... More

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Abdi Mohamed Founder/CEO @LaddrUp - Home ownership without a deposit or mortgage

Last updated on August 19th, 2019

Hey everyone, I am the founder of a Property Fintech based in London. Our platform aims to help first Time Buyers to get on the property ladder without... More

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Nipunika Kabadi I built the prototype of a B2B SaaS and looking to partner and innovate with tech buyers & sellers.

Last updated on February 19th, 2019

For technology startups, it is said that venture firms and investors like to see a core team with at least one developer as a key requirement for... More

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Kumaresh Tirukonda Sales Professional helping Startups and SME to get their first clients in various geographies

Last updated on November 19th, 2018

What is the criteria for selecting a AI powered CRM?

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Zachary Roberts

Last updated on October 11th, 2017

I am the Founder and CEO of a new emerging Smart Home Solution, we have the product mapped out, investors picked out and are now preparing to pitch... More

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Last updated on October 7th, 2017

I'm a female Founder and I have a male Co-founder. I have to write this down because people assume things, that's also a part of my frustration. I'm... More

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Brandon Finlen Believe in better possibilities. Act to make real.

April 25th, 2017

I see a number of people looking for a techie to help build their idea and bring it to life and anytime I see that I know that the trolls will soon... More

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Joel Curry Entrepreneur

Last updated on April 5th, 2017

First-time entrepreneur here, going through the steps toward launching a business. I am reading a lot about how to find and choose a cofounder, and... More

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Geenath Devundara Administration Manager

Last updated on March 28th, 2017

Where It Apply? On the refrigerator(Add groceries to shopping list) on kitchen Wall, On Bathroom mirror In the office room to set quick reminder... More

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Pankaj NAURIYAL Looking for a full stack "rock star" developer

Last updated on March 17th, 2017

I know they are out there.... We are a brand new startup in the Seattle area. As I am building our team, I am struggling to find an A level developer.... More

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