Business Strategy

Luke van Steenderen Cofounder of Juicr. part of desperately want to learn more.

September 6th, 2018

I started my own business a few months ago and i really want to learn more about business, growth, marketing, design and sales. I'm looking for as... More

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Priti Badami Founder/CEO/Big Data/Database Architect

August 22nd, 2018

I have software development company. I am a hands on developer/Architect with solid Big Data/Data Science/Database skills. I live in New York city.... More

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Ankur Singh Disruptive Innovation

July 10th, 2018

1) Are there any Consistent business strategies for social network other than Advertising ? 2) Supposing that advertising is best . How many concurrent... More

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Jide Williams Product Evangelist at heart, E-commerce & FinTech Pro, Co-founder of &

June 20th, 2018

How can I make money from this website I built as a hobby?

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Murad Hasan Co-founder & CEO at LOGICON, a software development firm, since 2015.

June 1st, 2018

I have a team of blockchain engineers and I'm working with a couple of startups by providing them services and also devising solutions for businesses,... More

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Abhijith Aravind An e-commerce enthusiast

May 26th, 2018

I have an idea of building a multi vendor shopping site which is quite different from the usual ones.The new strategy introduced let the customers... More

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Venkatesa Madhan V Digital Growth Marketer, Failed at my first startup looking for fresh avenues, works @ ThoughtWorks

May 18th, 2018

The success of any business lies in understanding customers and pivoting a plan to orchestrate all the business efforts so the function can work seamlessly.... More

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Ucantseeme Just passing by

May 5th, 2018

Disclaimer: Tech guy here with no experience in sales yet. Confident nevertheless. Long story short, I have been working on a web-based file storage... More

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Aarif Qureshi Cofounder

Last updated on May 3rd, 2018

Is it possible to create the remote business development/sales team on commission basis? How to fix the commission and manage the remote sales team? I... More

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Ray Li Android Developer w/ 7 published apps on Google Play. Retention + Engagement + Monetization is Life!

Last updated on April 17th, 2018

So I'm currently at a crossroad between continuing a product or killing it. Here's a quick run down of where I'm at and how I got here. I'm a mobile... More

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