Conversion Rate Optimization

Jessica Alter Entrepreneur & Advisor

February 22nd, 2015

Currently looking to redesign our landing pages. Would love to see examples of well converting (less worried about the aesthetics more worried about... More

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Edward M. Yang

July 5th, 2016

Does anyone have direct experience and recommendations for the best Live Chat software for e-commerce websites?Related, does anyone also have recommendations... More

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Amol CAPM® Sr. Consultant - SAP EAM/PM/WCM

September 14th, 2016

Would love to hear your thoughts on what is the average monthly burn rate for startups that are at a Seed and Series A stage... More

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Roman Zrazhevskiy

May 7th, 2015

I know many other factors play into conversion rates, but does anyone have experience with adding executive bio's on their site... More

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April 4th, 2018

I have a general sense of how much to spend on online ads to attract users when I launch a consumer facing app (standard PR firm answer: $6k/mo per... More


March 27th, 2021

It's a website selling art subscriptions to commercial spaces - hotels, offices etc. Should I have a website that showcases the artwork itself (there... More

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Joel Champagne Independent consultant, data and business intelligence background, evolving fintech product concept

Last updated on June 27th, 2017

A little more background on my idea/product: - A direct competitor to the likes of, YNAB, Level Money, etc. - as I discuss in my first blog... More