Design Thinking

Victor Jiang Actuarial Analyst intern at Esurance

March 11th, 2015

In an FD blog interview w/ Christina Wodtke (design/PM Zynga, Linkedin, early Yahoo1) Christina said one of the reasons we see fewer design entrepreneurs... More

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Alexia Auyang CEO/Founder at NameLock, LLC

February 19th, 2015

Saw a recent article about designers and design education and it strikes me that formal design education is outdated and really not useful. You spend... More

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April 22nd, 2015

The favorite advice of content marketers today probably is "show, don’t tell”. Blogs are full of beautiful images,... More

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Nuno MB Rodrigues

June 1st, 2015

I have heard something that bothered me quite a bit relating to work methods in this case UX methods in projects (web, mobile, business, products)... More

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Fernando Mendes Coworklisboa Founder. Teacher at IADE and Ph.D. student. Laureate International Universities

April 20th, 2015

Every time Design Thinking is mentioned or discussed you can be sure to get either applauses or reluctancy from the designers... More

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