Anthony Massa Software Consultant and Engineering Professional

August 9th, 2014

I'm curious if someone has a minority of ownership equity in a company, how can the minority prevent from getting diluted... More

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Chloe Hartford Cofounder/CMO at USalesy

August 11th, 2015

Just got a job with what I think is reasonable equity but I know we're raising more capital soon. How should I discuss how my options are diluted... More

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February 25th, 2016

I am CEO of a start-up business based in the UK, but which has aspirations to grow globally based on the identification of an unmet consumer need.... More

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Jennifer Chapin Strategic Business Consultant & Entrepreneur

September 29th, 2015

Dilution -How do you protect early stage friends and family investors against later stage dilution? 

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Michael Barnathan Adaptable, efficient, and motivated

June 3rd, 2015

I keep hearing people rationalize dilution as taking "a smaller piece of a bigger pie". However, company sizes in the economy... More

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Alper Cakir

June 13th, 2014

We are a startup, servicing mostly other startups (fakecrow.com). Recently we got offered some "Phantom Equity" from one of our... More

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Shlomi Dinoor Entrepreneur

January 23rd, 2013

I�ve been reading about the set of legal documents during the formation of a startup, specifically the founders agreement and wanted to get the... More

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Geminus Ngo Fat Chief at Vision Venture

July 26th, 2015

I'm working on an app right now and here is my role: - Investor of 50%-80% funding - Biz developer - Product designer/manager - Tester - And everything... More

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