Financial analysis

Eugene St.Clair Chief Executive Officer at Humanproof

August 8th, 2013

I am reading a book called "Growing Pains" and it talks about staying out in front of infrastructure needs as you grow. Unfortunately, I find myself... More

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Richard Pridham Investor, President & CEO at Retina Labs

September 9th, 2016

We are a MedTech telehealth software company with cloud-based solutions to detect chronic eye disease such as diabetic retinopathy,... More

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Calvin C.S.C.S Health and Wellness Educator

October 3rd, 2016

I have a business plan template which includes a valuation section which spells out ROI, NIAT, NPV and gives a percentage or the return on the investment.... More

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September 10th, 2015

I plan on having someone help me put together my financial model, as this is not my area of speciality. I asked for a reference and have a call set... More

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Alexis Rhyner Zesty + Enthusiastic x Adventurous = Me

January 17th, 2017

There seems to be a gap in the micro- & meso-finance world in this area (hence, the Missing Middle) and I'm trying to figure out what is holding... More

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