Ginger Zumaeta

April 15th, 2014

I did a deal with a company years ago (2012) and was promised founders' shares in exchange for services. I FINALLY got the options grant after threatening... More

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Patrina Mack Experts in global commercialization

October 18th, 2015

What are the pros and cons of grant money as an alternative to angel funding?   What has made you successful in using government grant funds to reach... More

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December 1st, 2013

Hi,Does anyone here have some experience working with a grant application editor?I am in touch with one of them and he's asking for a commission between... More

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Helen Adeosun

March 2nd, 2014

Hey all! We are applying for a SBIR Grant and looking at this thing makes me want to cry. I am looking for grant writers through LinkedIn and Odesk... More

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Kevin Macconkey Founder @ContentCollective Marketing; Founder @Kickstand Coaching; Copywriting & Content Specialist

November 15th, 2016

a. What are the best grants for web-based businesses?b.  Where can I find the best information on them? c. What is the best process for applying? More

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Josh Bohls Founder at Inkscreen

November 7th, 2014

We have been looking into the SBIR grant application process and it's kind of a maze.  Next week is the Fall National SBIR/STTR Conference.  Has anyone... More

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Mike Whitfield Sr. Software Engineer, EPAM, Google

November 3rd, 2015

This seemed to come up after learning that many grant opportunities require an academic partnership.  It's also true that many programs and benefits... More

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Jenny Kwan Co-Founder and Technical Lead of Woodlamp Technologies

May 11th, 2018

I'm building a platform-as-a-service for analytics and data science. This platform could power a for-free platform with publicly available data already... More

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Wendy Robertson Innovation Strategy and Customer Development

July 6th, 2015

I was alarmed to find that High school graduation doesn't qualify a candidate or company for any help with internship. When I looked into hiring a... More

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Dustin Steward Cofounder Livmo

Last updated on February 18th, 2020

Hello Founders and Advisors, Currently, my partner and I are in the pitch phase and have been scouring the landscape for opportunities to aid in... More

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