Help Request

Alexandra Guijarro Cofounder & CMO at Bliss

October 22nd, 2020

Hi all, We are in the early stages of product validation with a new product that we are currently developing that is specific to the work engagement.... More

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Henry Eschricht Help me democratize ad spend so brands can engage consumers genuinely

Last updated on March 25th, 2021

There is a substantial list of very cool product features that can't really be finalized at this point. Agile by design. It feels premature to move... More

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niccolo tani looking for co-founder

May 5th, 2017

Hello, I am Pretty new to the startup field, i think I have a good Idea and it's already in development but I must find some help for the burocratic... More

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Akhil I have business ideas & I would like to collaborate with Investors and bring my ideas to real life

September 4th, 2018

Is there any online platform like this: platform where you Post your ideas. Developers, designers, sales and other skilled members view all ideas... More

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Stan Zhekov CEO, | Looking for Software Architect co-founder

November 10th, 2019

I appreciate your opinion. Please have a look at my pitch and let me know if am missing something and how to improve. Thanks, More

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Chi Chi Founder looking for creative and bright people .

June 16th, 2017

Do you have suggestions for tutorials on coding iOS apps. Something for Swift or Objective C that is particularly helpful and free/inexpensive? More

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James Zhao Co-founder @ Thought&Function - Lean, Mean, MVP product machine for hire

January 7th, 2021

Greetings, One of my colleagues, account got blocked. It was a premium account. There is no reason mentioned or he didn't get notified about it.... More

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Stan Zhekov CEO, | Looking for Software Architect co-founder

August 13th, 2019

It is still valid and I will be in Seattle on the 27 Aug 2019. It would be nice to meet... Thanks, More