Meetul Shah

September 10th, 2013

I know gmail was popular when it allows you to host your domain for free and gave you up to 10 email accounts. I guess google has stopped it. What... More

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SHARIQUE NISAR Consultant- Business Intelligence | Marketing Strategy | B2B Leads | Automation | Digital Innovation

February 23rd, 2016

We are building a new platform for our prospective client to understand what we can bring to the table. Thus, need to host this web app for complete... More

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Bharat Gupta Co-Founder, Managing Director at Oxhide Leather Pte Ltd

January 31st, 2016

The world out there is full of options in this space. Kindly share your experience with various service providers. What are good options for a start... More

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Bharathi Masilamani Software Development Manager at Amazon

November 21st, 2014

I need a good web hosting service that can provide me the following: Fast, Reliable, Apache PHP Hosting on Linux Provide dedicated... More

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Luis Berga Co-Founder at Music Meets Video

November 20th, 2014

Was wondering if anyone in the FD community has a good recommendation for a video hosting service provider. From our diligence it seems like Vimeo... More

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David DeMember Co-Founder at Toi

June 3rd, 2015

Assuming that for a multi-national company who wants to present multiple languages/sites there are 3 options.Use different sub domains (i.e. More

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Paul Hedrick

January 13th, 2015

I am launching an ecommerce brand/storefront later this spring and am trying to nail down the primary domain, but the most popular... More

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Kerry Davis

February 26th, 2015

I have a B2B business model where small businesses will come to my site, sign up, purchase free and premium products (mostly... More

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Sridhar Alla Big Data Architect, Engineer, Trainer and Agile practitioner

December 18th, 2012

I am looking for suggestions on which provider is good for a startup. #1 flexibility in controlling my own applications and configurations... More

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Kodjo Hounnake

July 15th, 2016

I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions on this. According to your personal experience, which one would you recommend and why?

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