Mirlan Dzhumagulov Co-founder of HR Software FANKI

September 7th, 2020

How do you track employees absence days? Do you use any time-off management software in your company? Or just spreadsheets? What size of your company? More

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Michelle Liulama Looking Advisor or Co-Founder in Information Technology, Finance, and/or Marketing.

July 17th, 2020

My newly trial basis HR/Finance person and I are contemplating if there's a better system than HRIS to automate a lot of HR & Finance tasks. Do... More

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Lisa Tirskikh Co-founder & Marketing

March 31st, 2019

Hi everyone. Do you have any short-term trial period to minimize the risk that a junior developer won't fit your company? If not, why? Do you think... More

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Gregory Charlop CEO, Physician, Author, and Real Estate Expert

January 8th, 2019

Hello! I'm looking to hire my first employee, but I'm very concerned about compliance and doing it legally. Is there a good HR SaaS or online payroll... More

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Narek Gevorgyan Looking for HR Tech cofounder for

December 28th, 2018

Going to be in San Francisco for 2 months, trying to meet investors/accelerators in HR Tech domain, can you give me some pointers?

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December 16th, 2018

We are using this to solicit Possible Tech Team Members and a Tech Co-Founders. We are looking for anything we can add or delete to increase the response... More

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roxane julien Head of Growth, ethic in web, collaborative communication tools, better web

February 19th, 2018

There is not enough developpers in France. It's so hard to get senior employees. We are thinking of opening a branch in the US where the product will... More

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Diane Bernard Chief Digital Marketing & Growth Officer For Hire, CEO, Virtual CMO for Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Consumer

December 20th, 2017

Looking to understand the world of Employer insurance, HR Benefits and relationships with Consultants.

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Abhijit Solunke Business Development Manager

Last updated on December 19th, 2017

In the market there are so many job portal available. However these job portal only provide resume and contact information of client. There is a very... More

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